Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 11-20

A weird week full of illness and sad news and big decisions and trying to keep up with crazy school and sport and work schedules.  A very ordinary collection of photographs but capturing each one really has helped me survive these last few days.  Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most.

Day 11: Red Nose Day!

Day 12: Lola got the Star Of The Week certificate at her dance class today. She was so proud!

Day 13: We bought lots of colourful flowers to make the front and back gardens look pretty

Day 14: This one giving me a big cuddle and telling me she loves me

Day 15: Another cross-country competition and another fantastic result for Mimi

Day 16: My favourite blossom tree in full bloom

Day 17: Sunrise

Day 18: Lola made a birthday card for her teacher who turns 50 in a few days time. I love how caring and thoughtful she is towards other people.

Day 19: After days of sickness in the house (both the husband and Mimi had a nasty tummy bug) my friend brought round these gorgeous daffodils to cheer me up and bring a bit of sunshine in to the house. A really kind gesture that meant so very much.

Day 20: Felix was playing with shadows behind the curtain and I love how this photo turned out.

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