Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 131-140

The end of term and the start of the summer holidays.  One of my favourite times of the year – six whole weeks of fun and family time stretching out ahead of us.  Slow mornings and adventurous afternoons.  Less responsibilities and restrictions and routine.  More freedom and spontaneity and joy.  (Probably Definitely more bickering and boredom as well but I guess that’s good for them in many ways too).

I’m gradually catching up with sharing these posts.  It’s lovely looking back at these moments that have already become memories, even though they weren’t actually that long ago.

Happy moments from the middle of July…

Day 131: The almost-teenager being creative in her bullet journal whilst listening to music. I love how committed she is to the things that bring her joy (and I love this photo too)

Day 132: Ella, Lola and I went to Shugborough for the afternoon (leaving Mimi and the husband at home to watch the cricket). We had such a lovely time together and the gardens were absolutely stunning 🙂

Day 133: Sunrise and aeroplane trails. I wonder where they were headed?

Day 134: A sunrise of a different kind. I love how every day is so different from the one before.

Day 135: Lola’s best friend’s birthday – Lola got to go to her house for tea and I think the smiles on their faces say it all. They love each other so much, it’s so sweet.

Day 136: A dramatic sunrise. Also, Mimi’s leavers assembly today. No photos because we’re not allowed to share them online but it was brilliant and emotional all at once and I’m so proud of her.

Day 137: The last day of term, Mimi’s last day of primary school, no school for six whole weeks AND we headed off on a mini adventure for the weekend. 

Day 138: Kicked off our weekend at Landal Sandybrook Luxury Lodges with swimming in their gorgeous pool and playing pool and air hockey in the games room

Day 139: Explored Ashbourne, adventured through an abandoned railway tunnel at the start of the Tissington Trail and played crazy golf. A good way to end our unexpected bonus little mini break at Landal Sandybrook Luxury Lodges. Also, I love this photo of my little tribe.

Day 140: A work day for me, and holiday clubs for Mimi and Lola. I was doing some its and pieces around the house after I’d picked them up from club and found them like this, all snuggled together in Mimi’s room just chilling out. 

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