Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 141-150

The first two weeks of the summer holidays feel like forever ago already – the time is going so fast.  I had been feeling like we haven’t really done very much so far (beyond multiple trips to the library and shopping for school uniforms) but as I look back over these images I can see that actually, there have been some really lovely days that the girls will hopefully remember.

Happy moments from the end of July and the start of August:

Day 141: The most gloriously beautiful sunrise I’ve seen for a while – look at those colours!

Day 142: Fruit picking at Canalside Farm – it’s one of our summer traditions to do this and we came away with a huge haul of raspberries and strawberries

Day 143: The hottest day of the year (34 degrees celcius) definitely calls for a late evening water balloon fight in the back garden

Day 144: A visit to Shugborough with my lovely friend Penny and her two kiddos

Day 145: Golden sunrise before the rain set in for the day

Day 146: A rainy Sunday = colouring and card games. I love finding them together like this

Day 147: Picked the younger two up early from their holiday club after I finished work and let them blow bubbles to their hearts content in chocolate/strawberry milk. They thought it was the best thing ever!

Day 148: Flowers picked from my very own garden!

Day 149: Lola randomly asked if she could talk to her best friend on the phone to find out how her summer had been so far and it was the cutest thing ever.

Day 150: Truthfully, today was a disaster. But there were teeny tiny moments of loveliness – like the light in this photo and getting out for some fresh air even if we had to abandon the excursion fairly quickly.

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