Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 151-160

We are rapidly approaching the final few days of the summer holidays before the girls go back to school and here I am sharing what we got up to in Week 3.  I guess that’s testament to what the summer has been like.

My head has felt full of mush with regards to work and my productivity levels have been at an all-time low but I’ve done my best to be present with my girls and to say yes to the things they’ve wanted to do, like painting and cuddles and practising skateboarding and movie nights.

Little moments of joy from sometime back near the beginning of August…

Day 151:  Summer holiday haircuts for everyone! (Also, doing my best to embrace the fact that photos from my phone are creeping into these Project Happy posts a bit more often these days)

Day 152: A muted (and still beautiful) sunrise

Day 153: Painting in the back garden

Day 154: The only logical thing to do when there is a spider in your bedroom is to move the entire contents of your bedroom out on to the landing and read there instead. Right?!

Day 155: Managed to get them out of the house and we went for a little explore around Stafford Castle

Day 156: Birches Valley

Day 157: I will never, ever be as cool as her

Day 158: Snuggles with my baby

Day 159: Movie night!

Day 160: Our ‘big day out’ this summer was a trip to Think Tank Museum in Birmingham. It was brilliant! The girls had a blast, there was so much interactive stuff for them to do and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Added bonus – we used Tesco Clubcard vouchers for our entry fee so apart from buying lunch it didn’t cost us anything.

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