Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 231-240

I have been dropping the ball on so many things recently, and keeping up to date with Project Happy posts has slipped down the list of priorities out of necessity.

The girls were so very ready for October half term – they were desperatly in ned of a rest and some proper family time after a busy 7 and a half weeks back at school.  We had lots of fun together and I made sure the week had lots of open space for doing nothing.  Sometimes I forget just how valuable that can be.

Here are my joyful moments from the end of October and the first part of half term:

Day 231: I love how creative my girls can be. Found Lola writing a story called ‘Spy Kitties’

Day 232: A stunning way to start the day

Day 233: The sunsets are getting earlier and earlier now but when they’re as spectacular as this I really don’t mind too much

Day 234: And then the next evening was a completely different scene (and just as beautiful)

Day 235: All the girls work their socks off at school and I’m really proud of everything they all do. When they get some recognition for their hard work from the school as well, it helps them feel extra proud. Ella put a huge amount of effort into a piece of Geography work and was really happy when she received this for her efforts.

Day 236: Saturday sunset

Day 237: Sunday sunset – ending the week in a beautiful way

Day 238: The first day of October half term! We went pumpkin-picking at a patch we’ve not been to before. I was also very happy to see blue skies!

Day 239: We headed to Trentham Gardens to do their Halloween Trail. We haven’t been to Trentham for ages and we really enjoyed it.

Day 240: Time to carve our pumpkins 🙂

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