Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 251-260

The seasons are beginning to shift. Temperatures dropping, the first frost. The stillness of winter slowly starting to settle in.  After weeks of rain it’s actually quite welcome.

We haven’t been doing very much recently and I’ve been trying to enjoy the slower pace before the busy festive season kicks in.

Here are my quietly joyful moments from mid-November…

Day 251: Hotel sunrise

Day 252 Going through old notebooks and came across this little doodle that Ella did when she was younger. We still talk about opening a bookshop-café in Cornwall one day!

Day 253: Sunrise

Day 254: My work buddy for the day

Day 255: I love this photo, She has such a special bond with all animals.

Day 256: The glowing embers of a stunning sunset to end the school week.

Day 257: I love it when she snuggles like this

Day 258: Couldn’t find this one for ages and eventually discovered her sitting on the windowsill behind the curtains in our bedroom giggling away to YouTube videos!

Day 259: A beautiful sunset

Day 260: First frost

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