Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 51-60

For the last few months I’ve been perpetually behind on sharing these little happy moments but I am still capturing them daily, behind the scenes of ordinary, everyday life.

The vast majority of these photos were taken on my phone which at first I was not comfortable with at all, before I realised that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how they were taken, only that they were recorded at all.

Once this chaotic, post-kitchen-fire season calms down I know I’ll be back to creating and capturing with my big camera much more regularly. Sometimes giving yourself grace and choosing to let go of rules that only you follow are more important than perfection.  Scratch that.  They’re ALWAYS more important than perfection.

Joyful moments (mostly house-related) from the end of April…

Day 51: Work on the kitchen has finally started! Progress at the end of the first day: the beginnings of actual cupboards.

Day 52: Our house officially went on the market today. We have a ‘for sale’ sign and everything. Eek!

Day 53: More progress. A hob and oven! Not connected yet, so I can’t actually cook for a few more days but they’re in!

Day 54: These two 🙂

Day 55: Rainy Sunday afternoons call for old-school Super Mario Bros tournaments on the SNES

Day 56: Ella went back to school today after the Easter holidays, but Mimi and Lola have an inset day so they were at home. Lots of reading! I love that she reads upside down – I used to do this all the time as a kid.

Day 57: Sunset

Day 58: The girls have really missed baking since we’ve not had a kitchen. Ella asked if we could bake together after school just the two of us – I think she really needed/wanted the one-to-one time.


Day 60: Silence is always suspicious!  This made me laugh so much!

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