Cabin Fever

Chrimbo Limbo.  Twixmas. Whatever you call it, the week between Christmas and New Year is always a bit odd.  No-one is ever quite sure what day it is; there are late nights and even (*gasp*) lie-ins for the girls (this really does feel like a bit of a Christmas miracle – they’re so worn out from the Autumn term school that they really need the sleep.  I’m dreading getting them back in the routine of early bedtimes and early get-ups when they go back to school next week); there’s not really anything to do each day apart from playing with new toys and being together; friends and family pop by; there is absolutely no routine to speak of and for a few days all meals consist of leftover food.

Over Christmas itself there always tends to be at least two days of hibernation and not leaving the house unless absolutely essential.  I’m really not very good at that – I get pretty intense cabin fever if I’m indoors for more than a day.  I’m so much happier if I can get out of the house, even if it’s only for a quick walk around the block or to the shops.  My truly happy place is being out for a long walk in pretty scenery with the fresh air filling my lungs and my legs covering the miles.

By 27th December I’d had enough of being inside.  Much as I’ve loved having uninterrupted time with the girls, playing endless games of Cluedo and Bananagrams, resetting the Sylvanian Families house up for my littlest and listening over and over the various new CDs we all got given, I needed to get out.

So in the late afternoon the husband and I forced the girls into their coats and shoes and we headed to Birches Valley amidst much protest (as usual).  I don’t get it – once we’re actually out they always have a brilliant time!  It’s just the process of getting them out of the door that’s so blooming stressful.  Does anyone else have the same problem?!

Anyway, we love Birches Valley.  Me for the magnificent trees and the girls for the limitless adventures they can have and stories they can make up along the way – it really sparks their imaginations.  We seem to discover something new each time we go.  I’ve written about the fun we have there before – you can find that post here.

The sun was already starting to set when we got there, so we were treated to a beautiful display of golden light as we explored.  We took a different route to our usual one and it’s amazing how different it all looks when you see things from a different perspective.  I took my new GoPro with me (my Christmas pressie from the husband) to have a little play around with it… I think I’m going to need a LOT more practice before I have anything reasonable enough to post on here though!

The sun was already starting to set when we arrived


Starting off on a different trail to usual

I love this shot – I think it makes her look like Little Red Riding Hood!

A girl and her stick. No matter where we go, she always finds a stick somewhere!

Helping each other climb over a pile of logs

All four in one frame. They look so tiny amongst these majestic trees. One day we’ll make it to the Giant Redwood trees in the USA – that’s a definite dream travel destination

Using the stick to jump over muddy puddles

Mimi being very brave. She fell off this log earlier on this year and put her teeth through her lip. I have honestly never seen so much blood and she was terrified to come here again. I’m very proud of her for conquering this particular fear.

Of course a helping hand from Daddy always makes things a little easier 🙂

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