February 2022: The Moments In Between

I take hundreds of photos every month, and most of them don’t get shared with anyone, let alone online. And yet the moments in time that those photos capture are just as important a part of our story as the other images that I do choose to share.

I originally created this blog as a way of documenting our lives, a way of watching the girls grow into who they’re going to be and a way of remembering who they once were. It’s something I want them to be able to look back on as they get older, because memories fade but (digital) photographs don’t.  A legacy, of sorts.

It’s easy (and tempting) to only focus on sharing the fun bits, the memorable parts, the highlights and the celebrations. But I’m learning more and more as I continue through this crazy journey of motherhood and life that it’s really important to me that I capture the ordinary, everyday times that we spend together as well.

The pieces of the jigsaw that fill in the gaps to complete the picture.

The tantalising glimpses into who our girls are becoming.

The chaos, the calm and all the moments in between.

This monthly feature – The Moments In Between – is a space for me to share all of those magical and messy parts of our family life that would otherwise just stay in a folder on my laptop, never to see the light of day.



The shortest month of the year always feels like the longest to me and this year has been no different.  It’s been a challenging month one way or another and I didn’t feel like picking up my camera at all.  I’ve had absolutely no headspace for creativity and whereas I could still look for and find the light, I simply couldn’t summon the mental energy to capture it, as beautiful as it’s been.  Winter light really can be magical.

It has been a month of putting one foot in front of the other, of digging deep for all the resilience I could find, and surviving.  I’m not sure I even have the words for it all – I’ve not processed everything yet.

I honestly didn’t think I’d have any images to share this month as it’s been such a blur so I’m actually quite pleased with this small selection.  Lola features a lot as she hasn’t been going to school very much and has been at home with me instead.  I love having the bonus time with her and am trying to make the most of it, trusting that it’s what we both need right now for reasons I don’t yet understand that will hopefully unfold as time goes on.

The colour yellow seems to be a bit of a theme throughout these photographs.  It was unintentional, just something I noticed as I collated them together for this post, but it’s definitely there.  For me, yellow is the colour of hope and happiness so I’m going to choose to take that as a sign that March and the start of the new season of spring will be a better time for us all.

This was us in February…

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