July: The moments in between

I take hundreds of photos every month, and most of them don’t get shared with anyone, let alone online. And yet the moments in time that those photos capture are just as important a part of our story as the other images that I do share.

I created this blog as a way of documenting our lives, a way of watching the girls grow into who they’re going to be and a way of remembering who they once were. It’s something I want them to be able to look back on as they get older, because memories fade but (digital) photographs don’t.

It’s easy (and tempting) to only focus on sharing the fun bits, the memorable parts and the celebrations. But I’m learning more and more as I continue through this crazy journey of motherhood that it’s really important to me that I capture the ordinary, everyday times that we spend together as well. The bits of the jigsaw that fill in the gaps to complete the picture. The tantalising glimpses into who our girls are becoming.

The chaos, the calm and all the moments in between.

This monthly feature – The Moments In Between – is a space for me to share all of those magical bits that would otherwise just stay in a folder on my laptop, never to see the light of day.


I think I can sum up July as being a month of beautiful sunrises and busy-ness as the end of the school year drew to a close and the summer holidays began.  I’m glad we were able to find these quiet moments to balance it all out.





A comforting cuddle from Daddy


Little feet in perfect light




Just woken up


Sleepy cat


Pretty sunrise. I love the still and the quiet of the early mornings when the rest of the house is still sleeping and it feels like it’s just me that exists in the world.


Reading at bedtime in pretty evening light


Making smoothies


Refusing to let the rain stop play




Another glorious sunrise – we’ve definitely been spoiled this month!


(Almost) naked pre-breakfast baking


She loves watching the mixture drop off the spoon. I love that she still has a hint of a baby-face in this photo even though she’s six and a half.


A rare quiet moment from our little firecracker


Cuddles for Daddy at Sports Day


Bookworm. Her third book so far that day.


Another stunning sunrise – I love how each one is completely unique


Fascinated with the different colours in her hair


An experiment to discover what it feels like to shoot yourself in the face with a water pistol


Happiness to an 8 year old is when the flower you find on the ground perfectly matches your sandals

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