Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 101-110

What a strange week it’s been. So much has happened in such a short space of time. So much, in fact, that I wrote this blog post about it just to get it all out of my head in order to begin to process it all.

As usual it’s been this little project that has helped me through – looking for the light and the joy in the midst of stressy times and disruption is the difference that makes the difference, always.  And there have been some really lovely moments and happy things to celebrate in the middle of all the chaos.  For that I am grateful, as I am grateful for many things this week.

Day 101: Ella read this, loved it, told me to read it, I loved it too (and cried buckets!)

Day 102: Our three year wedding anniversary and the husband’s parents sent us these gorgeous roses as a gift

Day 103: Ella and Mimi heading off for their very first overnight camping experience with the school – they were so excited!

Day 104: Home safe and sound (and very tired!)

Day 105: Spending most of the day in the paddling pool as it was absolutely glorious weather

Day 106: Father’s Day!

Day 107: The beautiful roses my husband gave me for our anniversary still going strong almost a week later.

Day 108: Little chats with my Lola in the bath 🙂

Day 109: A stunning summer solstice sunset that I managed to capture on my way home from London.

Day 110: This one getting full marks in her PIRA (English) test. She’s much more confident with Maths than English, so she was absolutely thrilled and super proud of herself, and seeing her so happy made my day 🙂


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