Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 131-140

This final week of the summer term has been a tough one. The girls are exhausted, I’m exhausted, there has been bickering galore and we have quite literally been counting down the days until school finishes so we can enjoy slower mornings and fun-filled afternoons over the summer holidays.

As such, we’ve not really been doing very much – school has been so busy that it’s been a case of surviving rather than adventuring – so my joyful moments in this installment of #projecthappy are quite simple and home-focused.  Here they are 🙂

Day 131: I bought myself a toe ring yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for ages and finally found one that I liked and as soon as I put it on I felt more like ‘me’. Also, Thursdays are yoga days and that always makes me happy 🙂

Day 132: Ella did a sponsored silence today to raise money to help children with cancer get the treatment they need. I am so impressed with her persistence – she didn’t make a single sound from the moment she opened her eyes in the morning to the minute she went to sleep at night – that’s pretty tough to do on a school day!

Day 133: Lola’s sunflower finally bloomed!

Day 134: Lola was at her best friend’s birthday party today and these two played really nicely together. It’s amazing how different the dynamic is when there is one sister missing.

Day 135: Parents evening after school for these three. Honestly I’m so proud of them. Listening to what their teachers had to say about them made my heart feel so happy.

Day 136: Ella spending some time typing up more of her stories for the little folder she has that’s full of all the things she’s written so far in her quest to become an author

Day 137: Taking a different route home from the station after being in London all day and being rewarded with gorgeous roses in the park.

Day 138: The girls all wrote thank you cards for their teachers and reading the words they wrote, and how special their teachers have been to them this year, was so lovely.

Day 139: The last school run for six whole weeks!

Day 140: A little surprise from Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes for the girls for the first day of the summer holidays 🙂

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