Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 201-210

Gosh, what a whirlwind week!  I’m so tired that my brain is almost too frazzled to put together any kind of cohesive words about my joyful moments from the last ten days.  There have been lots, I know that.  It’s been busy and stressful and sad and happy and scary and exhilarating, sometimes all in the same day.  Here’s what has been keeping my heart full…

Day 201: I finished off and delivered a big photography job for Canalside Farm and, whilst I found it very challenging, I’m really proud of what I was able to create for them. I hope they like my images!

Day 202: My best friend is pregnant and she sent a letter to my girls to tell them the news. This was Lola’s reaction. Absolutely priceless 🙂

Day 203: A walk in the woods, climbing trees and time with my girls. What more could I ask for?

Day 204: Spending the morning with Kerri Ann from ‘Life As our Little Family’ blog, who asked if I’d capture some photographs of her with her son.

Day 205: Watching Mimi run in a cross country competition. She came 11th out of a field of 60!

Day 206: Our first experience of a high school open evening. It was interesting and overwhelming all at once, but seeing how positive Ella seems to be about it is a good sign.

Day 207: We spent a sad morning attending the funeral of a family member who was taken far too soon, and whilst obviously that wasn’t anything to feel happy about, listening to all the things that people said about her was uplifting. It was a reminder to make the most of every opportunity you get and to keep chasing your dreams. I spent the afternoon packing for Leap Retreat, thinking about her and how I was doing exactly that.

Day 208: After about 19 hours of travelling, I arrived in Denver! (And found out that my hotel room had been unexpectedly upgraded 🙂 )

Day 209: I spent the morning exploring the Mile High City of Denver, before heading up into the Rocky Mountains in the afternoon. We claimed our beds, dumped our bags and headed straight out to do a sunset shoot. This photo hasn’t been edited yet, but I love how intently the whole group is listening to our teacher.

Day 210: Jet lag has its advantages…sunrise in the Rocky Mountains. Today was an incredibly intense day, with a sunrise shoot, an indoor lifestyle shoot and an outdoor family photoshoot, plus lessons, one to one mentoring sessions and a whole lot of laughter. And I loved every single second of it all.


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