Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 211-220

I honestly don’t know where this first half of October has gone. Since getting home from Colorado life has felt even more hectic than normal and I’m craving some quiet time to gather my thoughts and actually rest. The busy-ness has brought with it lots of joyful moments and it’s highlighted to me just how important it is to stop and appreciate them because otherwise you blink and they’re gone and you’re on to the next thing.

Here are the moments I chose to capture from the last ten days…

Day 211: The final morning of what proved to be an incredible trip. One last photo of all of us together.

Day 212: Home! Reunited with my babies 🙂

Day 213: My beautiful ‘welcome home’ flowers from my husband

Day 214: Watching Ella and Mimi play in a netball tournament – their school came second overall. What impressed me the most though was how hard they worked, how much fun they had and the way they reflected on how they’d played both as a team and individually.

Day 215: A pretty sunset

Day 216: The girls came home with a bundle of certificates for sports tournaments and hard work at school. They were so proud of themselves 🙂

Day 217: Mimi found a recipe for chocolate brownie cake so of course we had to try it out. It didn’t work – I really need to remember that apart from two recipes I am terrible at baking(!) – but we had fun trying…and licking the bowl.

Day 218: Today *should* have been lovely – my Mum and Stepdad came to visit. This one was finding things difficult from the moment she woke up though and it ended up being a really tough day, with meltdowns and tears from pretty much everyone, including me. However, there is always light in the darkness and I love that she has pretty much worn this hat non-stop since being given it as a gift earlier on in the week. And we were all friends again by the time the girls went to bed with lots of kisses and cuddles and apologies shared out.

Day 219: This one picking me a little posy of flowers on the way home from school and insisting that we display them in a jar in the lounge 🙂

Day 220: I love these trees on the walk to school – watching the leaves change colour one by one, day by day, really is quite magical

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