Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 241-250

Somehow another ten days have passed without me quite knowing where they’ve gone or what I’ve done with my time. It’s been a bit of a blur of poorly children; various workmen coming in and out of the house over the course of several days to fix our broken washing machine and replace our leaky shower; catching up on work; and squeezing in some modest Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations.

November is very much feeling like a time to nest and gather in close, to hunker down and get things straight before the Christmas madness that is December begins.  In truth I think we all need it after the busy scattering of September and October.  Quiet days, slow days and time spent feeling grateful for what we have, knowing that it’s more than enough, seems to be the order of the month.  And as ever I’m grateful for this ongoing project for helping me to find the beauty in the difficult days, the order in the chaos and the magic in the ordinary.

Here are my most recent moments of joy:

Day 241: Halloween! Our finished pumpkins.

Day 242: Home early enough from London to be able to pick my girls up from school, and this gorgeous sunset

Day 243: My first (very much needed) yoga class for a month

Day 244: Ella getting home from her week long residential trip with her school! I’d missed her so much and she had a brilliant time, chatting to me non-stop about all the things she’d been up to.

Day 245: I finally collected a parcel that had been waiting at the depot after being delivered whilst we were away. I’d completely forgotten that I’d won a competition in Instagram from the lovely Lilac Coast. Look how pretty it is! (And this is just the wrapping!)

Day 246: An afternoon of exploring at Avebury National Trust in the autumn sunshine

Day 247: Sparklers in the garden – a day late but better late than never

Day 248: This one feeling better enough to go back to school after a day off poorly yesterday

Day 249: It’s the teenager’s 16th birthday today and whilst we can’t celebrate with her in person for a couple of weeks, we sent her cards and spoke to her on the phone. This was Lola’s card: “I will always hope you will have a amazing birthday and we’ve brout you the best present EVER! I hope you will have the best 16th birthday EVER Love Lola”

Day 250: Another beautiful sunset

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