Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 311-320

It’s been a slow but quietly productive start to the year.  My 2018 intention of ‘taking action’ is fresh in my mind and I’m getting things done, spending my days methodically ticking things off my to-do list.  It feels good.  As a result there are no spectacular photographs to share, just ordinary moments of beauty and contentment that I’ve noticed during my ordinary days.

Day 311: A very productive work day

Day 312: A pretty sunset

Day 313: It’s rare that Mimi asks to read to me, so when she does I soak it up as much as possible

Day 314: ‘Romans’ Day at school for Lola!

Day 315: Rainbow! I almost missed it because I ran back to the house to get my camera. I’m so glad I managed to capture a little bit of it

Day 316: I went to a friend’s baby shower today (the first one I’ve ever been to) and it was lovely. Then I came home to these two cuddled up on the sofa together 🙂

Day 317: This little boy had his paw shut in the door today and couldn’t put any weight on it. He was extra cuddly and wouldn’t leave my side all evening (he’s fine now, no lasting damage done thank goodness)

Day 318: I spent literally all day editing this video of our Disney trip (and it was absolutely worth it – so many happy memories!)

Day 319: Homework, under the watchful eye of Felix and Luna

Day 320: Signs of Spring 🙂



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