Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 331-340

We’re on the last stretch of winter and spring is finally on the horizon – hooray!  There’s just February to get through first – my least favourite month of the year as it’s the anniversary of losing my Dad, the funeral and his birthday.

This month more than any other this little project of mine becomes even more important. It can be easy to get sucked into darkness and depression and sadness, but that doesn’t do anyone any good and I have a family to look after and so this daily pull to look for the light, to stay focused on the joyful things, is what keeps me going – for them and for me.

There have been some really lovely moments over the last ten days and I’ve still got plenty of things to look forward to throughout the rest of the month as well.  So whilst I feel sad, and that’s ok, I still want to celebrate life.

Day 331: A gorgeous sunset

Day 332: First snowdrop sighting of the year!

Day 333: This one had a trial run at walking home from school all by herself (in preparation for high school in September). She was so excited bless her and felt very grown up.

Day 334: Harry Potter Night at our local Waterstone’s store. This year is the first time we’ve gone as a family and everyone really enjoyed it.

Day 335:  Getting a fit of the giggles with the girls over this silly cat video, titled: ‘When your cat crashes his bicycle in his dream’.  The girls ask to watch this daily and it never fails to make us laugh!

Day 336: Making cinnamon buns with Ella and having some quality one-to-one time together.

Day 337: The anniversary of the last time I ever spoke to my Dad. I went for a walk by myself and came across this beautiful spot. I’m pretty sure he was there too.

Day 338: The husband is not particularly romantic, but occasionally he surprises me 🙂 This meant so much more than he’ll ever know.

Day 339: Bought myself a bunch of daffodils (the first ones of the season). Spring is coming!

Day 340: The anniversary of my Dad passing away and I needed a distraction. The husband happened to have a day off work that coincided with mine and so we snuck off for a midday, midweek cinema date to finally see ‘The Greatest Showman’ It was an absolutely wonderful film and exactly what I needed to see and hear today. Completely forgot to take a selfie as we traditionally do on a date though!

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