Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 61-70

This most recent week seems to have both lasted forever and zoomed by super quickly.  It’s been a mixture of lovely slow days and crazy busy days – I’m still working on finding that ever elusive balance!

We’ve been home from Cornwall for a month now already and our little holiday in Bude feels like it was forever ago.  It’s quite a short half term this time – only five weeks – so the May break is fast approaching and I’m really looking forward to having a week with my girls.  It feels like we’re all ready for it already even though we’ve only been back at school and work for three weeks.  I have some fun things planned for us – new activities to try and a couple of different places to explore –  and it’s Mimi’s birthday around that time as well so it’s going to be pretty busy.  Note to self…make sure I factor in some downtime.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to over the last ten days and the things that have made me smile:

Day 61: When I saw my Mum yesterday she gave me an envelope and told me to open it when I got home. I forgot all about it until this morning, so I opened it and this card was inside! It really made me giggle (and her lovely words inside made my day)


Day 62: Pretty freesias always make me happy


Day 63: Whoopee cushions bring untold joy to this one – her hysterical laughter always makes me laugh


Day 64: My Mum came to visit for the day and we had a lovely Sunday of eating ice cream, playing at the park and sitting in the garden in the sunshine 🙂


Day 65: My birthday. I took the day off work but the husband did have to go to work and the girls were at school so I had the whole day to myself to potter around and go for a walk in the sunshine


Day 66: Playing in the garden in the sunshine after school 🙂


Day 67: Even though I was in London today I got to take my girls to school AND I was home in time to kiss them goodnight 🙂 I’m also pretty sure The Boy stayed in this position fast asleep for the entire day!


Day 68: Yoga this morning and snuggles with my littlest baby this evening = a pretty perfect day


Day 69: Mimi was in a school football tournament today and even though the heavens opened and we all got absolutely drenched she really enjoyed herself 🙂


Day 70: Sophie is here for the weekend – I love watching her with her sisters, they have such a special bond.


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