Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 91-100

Another whirlwind ten days has passed and with all the awful things going on in the world it’s becoming more important than ever to seek out the moments of joy and light wherever we can.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s something as simple as a bunch of flowers or something more memory-making like a day trip with the family – noticing them and documenting them is vital.

I love looking back over my #projecthappy posts from the last three-and-a-bit years.  I feel happy just remembering how I felt in the moment I pressed the shutter. That’s the magic of photography – it helps you time travel, instantly transporting you back to that frozen millisecond in time and allowing you to re-feel it all over again.

Day 91: A training day in London learning lots of interesting things and catching up with friends as well as managing a quick wander around the rose gardens in Regents Park


Day 92: We spent the afternoon at Attingham Park (and joined the National Trust!)


Day 93: Before half term Lola was awarded the Owl Trophy for all her hard work at school, but someone had forgotten to take the trophy back so she had to wait until today, the first day back, to get it. She was so proud bless her


Day 94: Five minutes with this purr-monster


Day 95: I missed the pretty colours but this last few minutes of the sunrise this morning was cool


Day 96: Pretty daisies by the roadside.  And getting back to yoga this morning after missing my class last week due to half term


Day 97: The simple joy at being served spaghetti for tea instead of the usual penne pasta. It honestly made their day (and mine, seeing them so happy)


Day 98: New glasses!


Day 99: A really lovely day at my best friend’s hen-do – we explored the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum and then went for afternoon tea!


Day 100: Happy, smiley sunflowers 🙂


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