Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 1-10

This post marks the start of a brand new year of Project Happy.  I still can’t quite believe that I’m about to embark on my fifth consecutive year of a 365 project.  I have absolutely no intention of stopping whatsoever – it’s become as familiar to me as breathing.  I love looking back at random posts that pop up and marvelling at how small the girls were, or remembering precisely how I felt at the moment I pressed the shutter.  To me that’s the magic of photographs, capturing a precise millisecond in time forever more.

The last couple of weeks has seen some incredible sunsets – I guess due to the ridiculous amount of mixed weather we’ve been having: snow, rain, sunshine, wind, hail… As much as I love the differing seasons I am most definitely ready for some Spring sunshine, a bit of warmth in the air and blossom on the trees.  All the photos in this installment are fairly ordinary by most people’s standards, but to me, ordinary is beautiful and these small moments make up the mosaic of our story and so they’re just as important to capture as the bigger moments.

Day 1: A rescheduled World Book Day. L-r: Ella as Ruby Redfort; Lola as Jill from the Treehouse series; and Mimi as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Day 2: This one came 20th out of a field of 100 girls (about half of whom were in the year above her) at a cross country competition.

Day 3: They love it when Daddy can do the morning school run with us

Day 4: A pretty sunset

Day 5: Cuddles with this pretty girl while I worked

Day 6: An incredible sunset!

Day 7: A beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, sweet words written in my cards and a lavender scented candle, plus my Mum and Stepdad came to visit for the day

Day 8: She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t decide who to cuddle so she figured out a way to have both of us.

Day 9: Another spectacular sunset. All the rain we’ve been having has certainly made for some beautiful skies over the last couple of weeks.

Day 10: Reading practice with my littlest girl. I love how they all still want to sit on my lap to read to me 🙂

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