Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 121-130

We are so close to the end of the school year now and our calendar is full to busting with end of term events and activities – there has been literally at least one thing every single day this last week.  It’s fun, but the girls are exhausted and we’re all looking forward to a slightly slower pace during the summer holidays.  One more week to go!

Day 121: I went to watch Mimi’s class assembly at school and it was honestly the best assembly I’ve ever seen in all of my years of being a parent.  They’ve been learning about ‘Entertainment and leisure through the decades’ so we were treated to some ace music, some questionable fashion and a run-through of all the major world events from 1950 to 2000.  It was funny and informative and absolutely brilliant.  I didn’t manage to snap a photo so here’s my favourite song from the assembly instead 🙂

Day 122: Lola’s turn to take part in the athletics competition at Rowley Park (she was in the skipping race). Her best friend didn’t get through the tryouts but came along to support her anyway and seeing Lola surrounded by all her friends cheering her on was so lovely to watch. I love this photo of these two BFFs together.

Day 123: These two!

Day 124: I wasn’t feeling particularly great today so I decided to take the afternoon off from trying to get any work done and read my book instead. I finished it! Spending two hours reading before I had to get the girls from school felt like such a treat.

Day 125: Mimi rediscovered her magic set and spent ages practising some tricks to show us.

Day 126: Watching the girls play football with their Dad in the park in the sunshine

Day 127: Researching and planning what we might get up to on our upcoming holiday. I LOVE holiday planning – I get so excited about all the places to visit, things to see and experiences we could have.

Day 128: Ella got her SATs results today and I just about burst with pride. She worked so hard and it really shows.

Day 129: The World Cup semi-final 2018, England vs Croatia. Mimi was thrilled to be allowed to stay up to watch the whole match and I loved capturing her expressions throughout the game

Day 130: I went to watch Lola’s class assembly today and it was fab. Their topic was ‘Extreme Survival’ and this is a giant igloo they made out of milk bottles!

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