Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 331-340

January has morphed into February, the promise of Spring is just around the corner and things are changing.  I can feel it.  Spectacular skies have been a welcome regular occurrence though day to day we’ve really just been keeping our heads down and quietly getting on with life.

These images show that there is still beauty in the mundane and joy in the ordinary – something I always need reminding of during the slow winter months.

Day 331: Finished this unputdownable book. Brilliant writing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Day 332: Sunrise

Day 333: Minus five degrees Celcius outside – a beautiful thick frost covering the town. I managed to capture this close up image of the frost on our bedroom window and I love the delicate patterns

Day 334: Golden sunset

Day 335: Toy shop shenanigans

Day 336: A much-needed walk in the forest exploring new trails

Day 337: The skies these last couple of weeks really have been incredibly beautiful. Another stunning sunset.

Day 338: Pretty pink and white tulips to remind me that Spring is on it’s way

Day 339: Felix helping Lola with her maths homework

Day 340: Four years since Dad passed away. A quiet day. Yoga, no work. Watched a DVD with the husband in the evening. And this delicate sunset.

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