Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 351-365

Half term fun, an utterly glorious week of ‘false Spring’ (that I’m now mourning the loss of), spectacular skies and the end of the fifth full year of capturing a moment of joy every single day – I think that pretty much sums up this collection of Project Happy images.

I honestly never thought I’d still be going with this personal photography project this far down the line.  Five whole years.  1826 days.  It’s taken commitment and a determination beyond what I thought I had to look for the light in every single day.  I’m proud that I’ve managed it: that I’ve found something to be thankful for; something that has made me smile; something that I’ve felt happy about every single day since 6th March 2014, through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

As I enter my sixth year of doing this I know it’s going to remain a permanent fixture in my life.  Capturing these photos is as normal to me now as breathing.  As much a part of my day as eating breakfast or having a shower.  I know that documenting these moments is going to be something I’m immensely grateful for many years down the line.

So here’s to the end of another year of telling our story, my story, one photograph at a time.

Day 351: The day after the fire and still reeling from the effects of it. Seeing this stunning sunset helped a little.

Day 352: Haircuts for the girlies

Day 353: Half term photobooth fun (and a family trip to the cinema to see Lego Movie 2)

Day 354: Sunset is rapidly becoming my favourite time of the day

Day 355: Escaped to Birches Valley for some fresh air and a stomp in the woods. I love the sense of scale in this photograph

Day 356: Pretty winter blossom. Spring is on it’s way!

Day 357: A visit from my parents, who brought a bunch of daffodils and some homemade flapjack with them. Sometimes it really is the simple, little things that make the most difference. We spent the afternoon having a gorgeous walk in the chilly sunshine at Canalside Farm.

Day 358: Managed to catch the sunrise this morning (I’m normally either deep into answering emails or busy making packed lunches when the sun comes up) – it was a beautiful one to start the week off with!

Day 359: Even if the days are full of appointments and phone calls and work and decision-making, the nightly show that the sky puts on is worth the wait.

Day 360: Pretty light and a cute unicorn

Day 361: Felix enjoying the morning sun

Day 362: Today we found out that Mimi got into the high school she wanted. And there was a pretty sunset in celebration too 🙂

Day 363: I love it when Luna sits with her paws crossed like this

Day 364: Sleepy, snuggly Felix (and a family trip to the cinema)

Day 365: The upside to days and days of rain are rainbows like this

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