Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 101-110

Joyful moments from mid-June: sunrises; flowers; pretty light and adventures with my girls all make for a very happy Chloe…

Day 101: Yoga and peonies = a happy day

Day 102: Our five year wedding anniversary – a very ordinary day until the surprise arrival of these beautiful roses 🙂

Day 103: An absolutely stunning sunrise

Day 104: Father’s Day. The messages the girls wrote in the husband’s Father’s Day cards were so sweet!

Day 105: A beautiful sunrise to start the week

Day 106: The tiling work in the kitchen has finally been started today!

Day 107: Gorgeous morning light in our bedroom

Day 108: After school, relaxing in the garden in the sunshine at the end of a busy week

Day 109: Summer solstice sunrise

Day 110: A walk in the woods with these three. I love this photo I captured of them laughing together!

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