Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 21-30

It has been an absolutely mad few weeks.  A flying visit to Spain for my Grannie’s funeral; a nasty tummy bug that flattened both Mimi and the husband for several days; ongoing issues with the kitchen repair/refurbishment following the fire seven weeks ago; the logistics of managing multiple after school club/sports/rehearsal commitments; plus a crazy work schedule for both the husband and I has meant I’ve barely picked up my camera recently, and so many of these images have been taken on my phone instead.  At first I was cross with myself and then I figured that I’m just glad to have the memories, however they’ve been captured.

We’re all utterly exhausted and very much looking forward to a break for the Easter holidays before the madness begins again in a couple of weeks time.  I’ve not really got much else to say to be honest – my head is full and my heart and energy tank are empty.  Hopefully a short break by the sea will reverse that and we can all reconnect with each other in the way we need to.

For the time being I’ve been seeking joy in the small things – pretty blooms, pastel sunsets, kind words and baby steps of progress…

Day 21: Travelling to Spain for 24 hours to celebrate the life of my Grannie. Stayed with my cousin in this gorgeous hotel (Hotel Villa Flamenca) in Nerja

Day 22: Grannie’s funeral. Not usually a happy occasion but after the service itself we all went out for a big family lunch and shared stories and memories about her. The love was tangible and I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Being together with my Dad’s side of the family, who had flown in from all over the world, was a bit special.

Day 23: Reunited with my world 🙂

Day 24: Progress. The whole kitchen got ripped out today and the flooring got taken up too. Hopefully not long now until we have a shiny new kitchen and can put the whole fire ordeal behind us.

Day 25: Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the day a good one. Like these pretty flowers blooming in my garden.

Day 26: A pastel sunset

Day 27: Mother’s Day cards from my girls with such lovely, heartfelt messages. Plus a little jar of hot chocolate and marshmallows from Ella 🙂

Day 28: Sunrise

Day 29: New floor!

Day 30: One of Lola’s friends at school had a pretty horrific accident and has been in hospital for a while. She made him a Get Well Soon card and the message she wrote inside was just so lovely. I love how much she cares for other people.

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