Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 311-320

January feels like it’s lasting forever at the moment.  Ordinary days and ordinary weekends.  Just life ticking on.  As always, this project keeps me focused on everything there is within the ordinary to choose to feel happy about.

Day 311: A golden sunrise

Day 312: Neil saved me the last piece of Toblerone 🙂

Day 313: Forced the girls out of the house for some fresh air up at Stafford Castle. Two out of three enjoyed it.

Day 314: A sunrise of many colours

Day 315: A beautiful way to start the week

Day 316: This one snuggled on my lap this evening. Neither of the cats like being picked up or cuddled or stroked very much, so it’s always an honour when she does choose to stay with me even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Day 317: School run sky

Day 318: I cannot put down this series of books. On the final one now!  It feels good to read in the evenings instead of working on my laptop.

Day 319: Would you believe me if I told you that this morning was a black sky and torrential rain? This glorious clear blue sky was a very welcome afternoon turnaround.

Day 320: Lola had her best friend round for a sleepover for the very first time (a belated birthday treat). Giggles galore. I love how strong their friendship is.

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