Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 341-350

I’m not a fan of February. It’s been trying hard to win me over with it’s pretty morning skies but the back-to-back storms that have destroyed our garden fence and made everyone want to hibernate instead of leaving the house have not done it any favours in terms of getting in my good books.  Jigsaw puzzles and DVDs have featured a lot these last couple of weeks.

We survived the final busy burst of the half term and now we are officially exactly mid-way through the school year, which seems absolutely crazy.  We’re on the home stretch towards Spring now and whilst I don’t want to wish the days away I am very much looking forward to the beginnings of some warmer weather and hopefully at least a little bit of sunshine.

This is the penultimate installment of Project Happy.  I’ve made the decision to stop at the end of this sixth consecutive year of completing it – it just feels like the right time for various reasons.  I’ve loved capturing my moments of joy each day and in all likelihood will still continue to do so.  I just won’t be documenting them here any more.

Some happy moments from February…

Day 341: The teenager came to stay for the weekend and this is my new favourite photo of them all together

Day 342: The girls made lemon cake together and then I introduced them to Grease. Such a great film (and I’d completely forgotten how inappropriate some parts of it would be for the 10 year old!)

Day 343: A beautiful sunrise followed by school being closed early due to a completely random dumping of snow

Day 344: I love it when Felix sunbathes on our bed. Wish I could do the same.

Day 345: The morning skies really have been beautiful recently. I love it when a day starts off like this.

Day 346: Watched Lola get an award in assembly “for exceptional effort and consistently producing excellent work”. She had no idea she was going to get it and I loved surprising her by being there.

Day 347: Pink sky in the morning… a Valentine’s Day sunrise.  Also met up with a friend for a half hour natter and it was so good to see her.

Day 348: Another weekend, another storm rendering us housebound. I unpacked a few more boxes (still have eleventy billion to go) and captured some photos of Mimi doing her homework. She was really proud of her work and that always makes me happy.

Day 349: Sleepy Sunday sofa snuggles

Day 350: The first day of half term and my Mum came to visit for a couple of days. We got to work on a jigsaw together and made pretty good progress!  

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