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Adventures at Avebury

Early one Sunday morning back at the start of November, we bundled into the car and headed down to Marlborough.  The purpose of the trip was to collect some of my Dad’s belongings from my Stepmum, who, after two and a half years of living alone in a town she only has bad memories of, is making…

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Leap Retreat Part 2: 12 hours in Denver

Way back in January, when I first learned that I’d been chosen out of nearly 5,000 people as the winner of a place at Leap Retreat, all I could focus on was the time I’d be spending in the Rocky Mountains with the other attendees, soaking up anything and everything we could about photography from our incredible…

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Pumpkin Picking Fun

It’s felt like a funny old half term.  We missed most of it because of being on holiday in Florida, and lost the second half of it to jet lag.  Of course it was totally worth it, it’s just left me feeling a little out of the loop season-wise.  It definitely hasn’t felt like Halloween!…

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