Our Bude-iful Holiday 2019 (Part Two)

Hi there. everybody! Today’s post is all about the second half of our holiday to Bude, North Cornwall. Part One was all about the first five days of our trip – Saturday to Wednesday – and this time it will be documenting the last five days – Thursday to Monday (we left on Tuesday). So here is Part Two of our annual holiday…


Day Six: Thursday

On Thursday, we decided to head to a new National Trust property named Lanhydrock, which had been rumoured to be absolutely gorgeous – and it didn’t disappoint.

First impression of Lanhydrock

As we walked down to the property itself, the looming late-Victorian building came into view and it was so majestic! The house architecture was magnificent and as we explored the interior (including the servant’s quarters and master bedrooms) there was something else to learn about and to investigate. Every room held a different story and you could definitely feel the magic imprisoned inside the history of the place.

The library at Lanhydrock Manor House

Then we discovered the formal gardens and oh my goodness it was heavenly! Every way we turned, there was a new type of plant or flower or garden and the best part was it felt never-ending. The very top of one hill boasted an incredible view of the house and the perfect place to spot an ice-cream shop! The ice-cream was one of the best I’ve honestly ever tasted so I highly recommend it!

These beautiful flowers climbing this brick wall, creating the perfect historical feel.

These simply gorgeous rhododendrons <3

Day Seven: Friday

We have never managed to be in Bude for the Farmer’s Market…except for this time. We headed out in the morning and wandered around each of the stalls, working our way around. There weren’t many, but the ones there were looked A-MAZE-ING! There were at least two jewellery stalls (made out of sea-glass) so many mouth-watering food stalls –  and yes, we bought some produce – and some beautiful mosaic stalls. Each stall had such beautiful items that it was hard not to buy everything!

Later that afternoon, we walked into the town to our new favourite ice cream place – Scoops – to grab an ice cream and then head down to the beach for the afternoon. Scoops is such a cute and quirky little shop – a pastel themed place, it has bunting, amazing ice cream flavours (I loved all the chocolate ones!) and cute little tables.

Sunset over Summerleaze Beach

Flowers at sunset

Day Eight: Saturday

Saturday arrived and usually, it would be our last day in Bude but it was so nice to be able to know that we still had a few more days left.

So in the morning, we drove down to Widemouth Bay, one of the biggest beaches in Cornwall and definitely one of the most popular! It was so busy there but it’s so expanded that it didn’t seem busy at all. We spent an hour or so there, just jumping over waves and capturing (or at least trying) the pretty light.

Light in the morning at Widemouth Bay

In the afternoon, we decided to try something else we’ve never done – going on a Pedalo Car! It was actually quite fun and gave my younger sisters a lot more independence, as they were pedalling most of the time.

Day Nine: Sunday

On our penultimate day of the holiday, we wandered down to the breakwater as another of our silly little traditions. There wasn’t really anything else we did that day as it was so lovely we spent all day in the town and on the beach.

Day Ten: Monday (our last day)

And then it came to our last day in Cornwall and it was possibly my favourite day out of all of them! In the morning, we had one last game of crazy golf (and Mimi amazed us all and beat all of us, even Dad!) then headed to The Plaiice, our preferred place for good old fish ‘n’ chips 😉

Once it became too hot even for Mum to stay out, we went back to the Beach Haven to relax. Since it was our final day, later that evening we took the cricket set down to Crooklet’s Beach to play in the dying sunlight.  It really wasn’t busy, either, which meant we could spread out and take sunlit photos of the sparkling sea….

A last documentation of our recent holiday to Bude

Thank you so much for reading my second account of our holiday! If you would like to check things out in Bude, then click here, here and here.

(Please note: all comments, photos and opinions are my own so please don’t copy. Thanks 🙂 )

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  • Reply June 29, 2019

    Jenny Taylor

    Wow stunning place to visit and loving the second part of your trip. Nothing better than making those memories around the world and around the country with your family hunny. Hope all is well and we all get together soon.

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Ella Ridgway

      Hi Jenny! It really is such a beautiful place and these memories are so precious, I agree! Hope we all get together soon too 🙂

  • Reply July 1, 2019

    Karen evans

    Another lovely blog of also our favourite place. Where is scoops please?? Xx

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Ella Ridgway

      Hi Karen! I feel like as soon as you get to Bude, you’re just like “already this is my favourite place!” Scoops is opposite Wildwood, a little off to the side of the high street 🙂

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Chloe Ridgway

      Scoop Ice Cream is on Lansdown Road in Bude town centre Karen. It’s only a small little shop but it’s fairly un-missable as it’s decorated in pastel coloured stripes.

  • Reply July 3, 2019


    I know this part of the world quite well so it’s been loving reminiscing through your photographs, Ella. And what great pictures too! We’ve been to all of the places you mention, except Scoops – that’s going on my list for next time! xx

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Ella Ridgway

      Thank you, Suzanne! I really enjoy taking photos as they are just such a lovely way of reminiscing and for nostalgic family meetups later on in life! Hope you enjoy Scoops if you visit! 🙂

  • Reply July 4, 2019


    You can tell you really enjoy writing these posts, lovely photos too. Sounds and looks like you had a lovely break

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Ella Ridgway

      Thank you, Kerri-Ann! I have been enjoying these posts and am quite sad about not being able to write anymore for another year 🙁 but it honestly was such a lovely break! Thanks again 🙂

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