Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 91-100

It rained endlessly for the whole of the first half of June.  Non-stop.  It made the post-adventure blues slightly more tricky to overcome but, on the whole, the process of settling back into school and work and normal routines after our trip to Boston was easy enough, with no real jet lag to speak of (thank goodness) beyond everyone feeling a little bit more tired than usual.

I have to work harder to find the joyful moments when the weather isn’t so good.  I know it’s just weather, and none of us can control it, and we can still choose to feel happy even on the grey days, and I do.  It just takes a bit more energy to actively seek out (or even instigate) those moments when everyone has cabin fever and are bickering or bored.  I’m learning though (always learning!) that just because everyone isn’t 100% happy 100% of the time doesn’t mean I’m ‘failing’ or getting things wrong or a rubbish mum.  It just means that we’re all human, affected in many different ways by many different things, and that’s ok.

So whilst I am super pleased to now be finally enjoying some sunshine, the rain wasn’t actually so bad.  Here are the little things I found to feel happy about whilst summer was on it’s own holiday elsewhere in the world…

Day 91: The girls were all excited to go back to school for once (normally at least one out of three would rather not go) and as daft as it sounds, the sight of their backpacks all lined up by the front door made me feel quite emotional.

Day 92: Mimi has been getting really into drawing recently, copying pictures and watching YouTube tutorials. She started drawing this rose and I think it’s fab.

Day 93: Lola made this card for her best friend at school. It’s so sweet, I really hope she keeps hold of them all so that hen they’re older (and still hopefully best friends) they can look back on them all and reminisce.

Day 94: Yoga. Needed it today.

Day 95: Constant rain means that gardens everywhere are flourishing. These peonies I walked past in someone’s front garden were absolutely beautiful.

Day 96: There’s only one thing for it on a rainy Saturday afternoon: a family trip to the cinema. We’ve been wanting to see the new Aladdin movie for ages and it definitely lived up to expectations

Day 97: Sleeping cats and cosy duvets

Day 98: Most of the time I hate the rain. But sometimes, like today, I quite like it. Listening to the sound of it clattering against the windows, cosy jumpers and warm socks (yes, even in June!) and just quietly getting on with things at home and work. It’s peaceful and comforting.

Day 99: Another of Mimi’s drawings – Hagrid from Harry Potter this time! The thing that brings me the most joy is how proud of them she is. She doesn’t always have confidence in her abilities, so to hear her say she’s pleased with something she’s created is wonderful to hear.

Day 100: Saying yes to doing a jigsaw with this one after school instead of prioritising the washing up. It shifted the tone of the whole afternoon/evening for the better. Amazing how much difference one little thing can make.

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