31 Days of Photography- January Week 3

Oh, January: the chance for new opportunities and fresh starts. We are nearly at the end though and I can’t believe how pretty the sunrise/sunsets have been.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far and please feel free to leave a comment down below! Anyway…..


January 14th: Cold

A frosty sunrise on the way to school 🙂

January 15th: Above

Possibly my favourite drawer: tidy chaos of highlighters and washi tapes 😉

January 16th: Below

Looking up at a moon afterschool

January 17th: Delicious

Delicious cinnamon buns 😛
(sorry: rubbish phone photo)

January 18th: Simple

Some gorgeous plants <3

January 19th: Complicated

Sorry: no photo for today 🙁

January 20th: Tiny

A mini badge which literally is my LIFE

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to watch out for next week!

(Please note: all photos are my own. Thanks!)

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  • I’m really enjoying this 31 Days of Photography challenge! The prompts are creative and spark interesting ideas for capturing everyday moments. I particularly liked the “Above” and “Below” prompts – they encourage looking at the world from new perspectives.

    Did you find any of the prompts particularly challenging? I’m curious to hear which one stretched your creativity the most!

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