Painting Fun!

Hi again! Today I’m going to share a really fun activity we did on a rainy Saturday with Mummy while Dad was at work. I rummaged through the wardrobe where we keep our arty stuff, and I found some old paints and a Paint Your Own Sun Catchers Kit. Everybody agreed to join in, and the painting commenced!

Here’s a picture of us painting which Mummy took.

I did a parrot (originally supposed to be an eagle), Mimi did a beautiful butterfly, and Lola did a rainbow St Bernard dog. Afterwards, we craved more painting, and got on with doing a painting on A4 paper. Lola had a bit of a disaster with hers, but mine and Mimi’s were okay.

Here are some photos I took using my camera that I got for my birthday…

Here’s my flying parrot sun catcher.

Here’s Mimi’s beautiful butterfly sun catcher.

This is Lola’s gorgeous rainbow St Bernard dog sun catcher.

This is my (apparently) egg-cellent Easter Egg.

This is Mimi’s goal-scoring football.

Thanks for reading, and look out for much, much more!

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