Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 181-190

The start of September is always a transition period.  The change of season from Summer to Autumn, the shift from having the girls with me 24/7 to them being back at school, and the distinct change in myself as I move between all the different roles I occupy, trying to keep track of everything I need to remember.

Ordinarily I love September – it’s pretty light, the sense of ‘new-ness’  – though I have to admit I’ve found this first week or two a bit tricky.  I think I’m quite run down, I’m definitely not getting enough sleep and I have way too many things I’m trying to balance.  Everything feels like it’s speeding up and I feel a little bit like I’m trying to keep up with it all, when in actual fact I think I need to be actively and deliberately slowing down so that I can restore myself ready for what the next couple of months have in store for us as a family.

As always I’m grateful for this project for making me do that, for forcing me to take a moment or two each day to appreciate all the good that exists and all the joy that I’m lucky enough to have in my life.  Here are my happy moments, a few days late as always (!), from the first part of September…

Day 181: We broke out of routine, met the husband/Daddy after work and went for a long walk somewhere new. It was a beautiful place to explore and we all enjoyed it. I love this photo – Neil had hidden behind the tree and popped out at the girls making them jump and shriek with laughter 🙂

Day 182: The happiness on this one’s face to be back at her Saturday football class after a long summer without playing much

Day 183: A spectacular sunrise and a fun day of bowling and dinner out as a family

Day 184: Lola falling a little bit in love with this ladybird and naming her ‘Spotty’

Day 185: The last day of the summer holidays called for one final ice cream 🙂

Day 186: First day back at school!

Day 187: My first yoga class for 6 whole weeks and this cheeky boy finding a new favourite place to sleep

Day 188: This one lying her head in my lap for a snuggle after a long and busy first few days back at school

Day 189: A frustrating day made better with this pretty sunset

Day 190: Watching the girls play at the park, helping each other and encouraging each other along.


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  • Reply September 15, 2017


    Aww I do love these posts. I used to do something similar it was called Project 365 where you snap a photo a day and record it in a weekly or monthly blog post. I love that first photo on the walk. Just the movement suggests how much they were laughing x
    Kerri-Ann recently posted…A wedding, Pink love & a Poorly doggy #LittleLovesMy Profile

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      They were laughing so much that I couldn’t help but join in too! It was a really lovely spontaneous thing for us to do – must do more things like that!

  • Reply September 16, 2017

    Jess Soothill

    I love the start of Autumn – the weather takes some getting used to but I love the fashion and crisp, cold walks. These photos are gorgeous 🙂 xx
    Jess Soothill recently posted…How I got my confidence back, post babiesMy Profile

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thank you Jess! I normally love the start of Autumn too – its my favourite season – but something has just felt ‘off’ this year for some reason. Feeling much better now though thank goodness and back to my usual self 🙂

  • Reply September 19, 2017


    Lovely photos. I’m with you on having found the first few weeks of September tricky too. Like you, I have felt completely washed out. I started takin vitamins again last week and am trying to eat more healthily (as in some veg with my wine and chocolate), and I’m already beginning to feel better. Hope you’re feeling brighter soon too xx

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thanks Kerry. It’s the little self-care things that make a difference isn’t it? I’m feeling much brighter now, like a fog in my brain has lifted a bit, thank goodness. Glad the things you’re doing are helping you feel better x

  • Reply September 19, 2017


    This is gorgeous and such a great way to document your days. I think it can be tricky that transition from summer to September, make sure you take care of yourself lovely. xx
    Morgana recently posted…Listening to Nothing But Thieves and getting ready for Autumn #LittleLovesMy Profile

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thank you so much Morgana. The transition doesn’t normally bother me in the slightest, in fact, I really like it, but tis year has felt so very different and I can’t put my finger on why. Feeling much better now though thank goodness!

  • Reply September 19, 2017

    Heledd - Running in Lavender

    It’s so lovely that you do this, it really records your life in the most beautiful and real way. I know I say it every time but seeing your three makes me think what my three will be like together when they’re older.
    Heledd – Running in Lavender recently posted…New Clarins Double SerumMy Profile

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thank you so much Heledd. Your three girls are gorgeous and if they are anything like mine when they’re older they’ll fight like cat and dog but love each other fiercely in the most wonderful of ways 🙂

  • Reply September 22, 2017


    What a lovely project to be apart of focusing on the little things each week that make our life a blessing. Oh the amazing adventures you have with your kids it’s so beautiful here. #wrc
    Jenny recently posted…Danish living, New Work Days and a Giveaway #littlelovesMy Profile

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      That’s exactly it Jenny – the little things that bring us joy are so important to document otherwise we get bogged down with all the life admin and overwhelmed by big events. Feel free to join in – I might turn it into a linky at the start of the fifth year.

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