Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 191-200

I’m well over half way through this fourth year of Project Happy and it still surprises me that I’ve kept going for so long.  It’s second nature to me now and I can’t imagine not having it as a part of my life.  This week has felt better – we’re back in our familiar routine and it feels like we’ve had space to breathe for a brief moment before everything speeds up again.  I’ve been consciously and deliberately trying to slow things down, despite the world seeming to want to speed everything up, and it’s felt good.

Here are my happy moments from the last ten days…

Day 191: a meeting at school with this one to discuss high school options. It’s terrifying to think that we have to put in her application within a month, but she sat in the meeting asking questions and being interested, and we talked about it the whole way home. She’s growing up and I guess if I can’t stop it I’d better start embracing it. I’m so proud of who she’s becoming.

Day 192: I met up with another blogger (Penny from Parentshaped) over coffee at a funky little café a few towns over and it was lovely to connect on so many different levels. It was so good in fact that I didn’t take a single photo! I did feel happy having a snuggle with this boy though too, so you’ll have to have a photo of him instead 🙂

Day 193: A walk in Regents Park rose gardens in the glorious September sunshine in between clients

Day 194: Yoga. Enough said.

Day 195: A surprise bouquet of beautiful flowers from the husband. He’s definitely a keeper 🙂

Day 196: Back in London again for a training course that turned out to be really interesting. And I had the chance to briefly catch up with a couple of friends too.

Day 197: After nine months of keeping it secret, today we finally told the girls that WE’RE GOING TO FLORIDA! 🙂

Day 198: I LOVE getting proper post, especially when it takes me by surprise. I’d completely forgotten that I pre-ordered this and it’s arrived just in time for my trip to Colorado. That’s my reading material for on the aeroplane sorted.

Day 199: “I found this and I’m giving it to you Mummy”. This one has been trying so hard to be helpful recently – she’s been making her bed and tidying up the kitchen table every morning and it really makes a difference.

Day 200: Managed to start the fourth Harry Potter book on the train today and I actually stayed awake the whole way home instead of falling asleep like I usually do.


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  • Reply September 22, 2017

    Penny Alexander

    I love this project, it’s absolutely fascinating to see life like this and your pictures are gorgeous. I can and can’t believe we didn’t take any photos, but it was magic to meet up. So excited for you for your Colorado trip, you have some inspiring reading sorted. High school sorting out here too aggghhhhh!

    • Reply September 23, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thank you Penny! It’s fascinating to experience life like this to be honest – it makes such a difference. I loved meeting up with you and am already looking forward to our next catch-up where we can discuss all things high-school related – I’m finding it a bit stress and scary whilst at the same time knowing that it’ll all be ok in the end. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment x

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