Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 261-270

And just like that, November was over in a blink.  It’s been an odd month with a real mix of emotions.  I’ve not really felt like picking up my camera very much at all this last week which is very unlike me.  I’ve just been feeling a bit down and so for the first time ever taking these photos for #projecthappy has felt a bit…forced.  I’m glad I’ve done it though as I’ve not missed a day in almost four years so I’m not about to stop now.  Plus, even if it has felt forced, I know I’ll be grateful in the future when I look back over the images I did take, even if they’re not particularly creative.

Tomorrow marks the first of December and I’m hopeful we can make it a month of joy: the Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching which means plenty of quality time with my girls; we’ve got lots of festive traditions to continue (and some new ones to introduce); visits from friends and family are scribbled in the diary; there are birthdays galore and, of course, Christmas itself to look forward to.

Day 261: I collected our boy from the vet today. His ashes are inside this heart so that we can take him with us wherever we go. Even though we’re all still utterly heartbroken, it feels better to have him home.


Day 262: A cuppa and a long overdue chat with a very lovely friend


Day 263: Mimi had some blood tests today. I was super nervous (and working hard to stay calm on the surface) and she was an absolute star. We were in and out of the hospital in under half an hour. This is her showing Daddy her plaster.


Day 264: After school snuggles on the sofa in front of the TV (with one already in her onesie!)


Day 265: An absolutely glorious blue-sky-and-sunshine day – November has been pretty good to us weather-wise


Day 266: A slow weekend. The girls have been begging to bake apple crumble for weeks and we finally got round to it today. They declared is “heavenly”, which I’m calling a win 🙂


Day 267: We popped into Toys R Us today (the girls’ first ever visit to a toy shop like that) and it blew Lola’s mind – she was so excited to see all the toys!  I found this little note later in the evening and when I asked her what it was she replied “It’s my Christmas wish list”

Day 268: A pretty sunset


Day 269: Today was a very good day. I spent a lovely morning with my friend Penny, who writes a blog called Parentshaped, and we chatted for hours about all sorts of things. And I spent the afternoon cuddling kittens! Look at this little cutie!


Day 270: My penultimate day working in London but not until I’d taken the girls to school on a lovely frosty morning. I love how frost makes everything a tiny bit glittery and sparkly – it makes the day feel that little bit more magical.



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