Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 351-365

Somehow I’ve reached the end of another full year of Project Happy.  It still amazes me that I’ve committed to this project for such a long time.  For something that began it’s existence as a humble ‘100 days of happy’ project in the lead up/countdown to my husband and I’s wedding day four years ago, and for it to have evolved into four whole years of a daily photo to document my moments of joy, is a big achievement for me.

There’s never going to be any question that I’ll be continuing – it’s become part of the fabric of my day now, as normal as breathing.  To have this to look back on and reminisce over when I’m old and grey, sitting in a rocking chair with a cat on my lap and grandchildren at my feet, is something to look forward to for sure.

This installment is slightly longer than my usual ten days – there are fifteen days instead so I could finish the year off properly.  And they’ve been fifteen awesome days.

I can’t wait to see what the fifth year brings: travel, adventures and explorations; ordinary, everyday moments at home; family time, solo time and time as a couple; trying out new things and taking comfort in the familiar things… and every single moment is one that I am (and will be) grateful for.  We only get one life and I’m determined to make the most of it by seeing out the joy wherever and whenever I can.

Day 351: My Mum came to visit for the day and we went for a lovely walk along the canal to our favourite tree-climbing spot

Day 352: The first day of half term. I didn’t get any Valentine’s Day flowers last week (*sad face*) so I bought myself some pretty tulips instead.

Day 353: The girls and I spent the afternoon together at Trentham Gardens and it was so lovely to spend some proper time with them, outside in the fresh air.

Day 354: We met up with another blogger – Laura from Little Ladies Big World – at Wolseley Wildlife Centre and had the loveliest afternoon chatting whilst our five girls played together.

Day 355: I attended a Wedding Photography Workshop up in Leeds today. Learnt heaps, made some new connections and had a good time. This was one of my favourite shots I took.

Day 356: A quiet and chilled out day (made more necessary after Lola had an argument with a lamppost…and lost, resulting in a huge egg-sized lump on her forehead that is now all sorts of interesting rainbow colours)

Day 357: Today I met my friend’s one week old baby girl and did my first ever newborn, in-home session. This was my favourite shot – isn’t she gorgeous? It was great to see my friend looking so happy and relaxed too.

Day 358: The teenager came to stay for the weekend and we took the girls to see The Greatest Showman at the cinema. They all fell in love with it as much as I did!

Day 359: Lola showing me this picture she drew of herself singing. Singing is her favourite thing to do and this is definitely one for the memory box

Day 360: The three-year anniversary of my Dad’s funeral. As always, he put on a spectacular sunset show.

Day 361: The girls all made ‘get well soon’ cards for their favourite teacher who has damaged her back and is currently unable to teach as a result. I love how thoughtful and caring they are.

Day 362: The ‘Beast From The East’ landed, bringing with it a decent amount of snow, resulting in a snow day off from school and an epic snowball fight in the garden.

Day 363: Another snow day home from school = hot chocolates all round 🙂

Day 364: Luna, living her best life on the warm radiator

Day 365: Rain replaced the snow so the only thing for it was another trip to the cinema. Mimi and the husband opted to watch ‘Early Man’ whilst Ella, Lola and I went to see (you guessed it!) The Greatest Showman again 🙂

To everyone who follows along with this series of photos and blog posts, thank you.  It means an awful lot to me.  I know they don’t give much back to you, the reader, in terms of usefulness, but to me they are some of the most precious posts I’ve written because they’re us, they’re real, and they tell our story.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them and putting them together.


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