Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 131-140

The last week of term was mostly focused on Ella, who has now finished primary school and will be heading to High School once September comes around. It’s been a bittersweet time.

On one hand, it’s been really lovely to see how much she’s grown, both literally in terms of height since she first started in Reception seven years ago and also figuratively with regards to her confidence, her friendships and her resilience. All the celebrations that the school organised for Year 6 were fantastic – awards ceremonies, special assemblies, a leaver’s disco, personalised hoodies for each pupil to keep and more.

And on the other hand I just want her to stay at primary school forever rather than moving onwards and upwards to the next chapter.  She’s my baby, the one who made me a mother, and the thought of her rapidly heading towards teenagerhood just doesn’t seem possible.

I’m trying to keep in mind “roots and wings”.  I’m very much hoping that we’ve given her the solid roots she needs so she’s supported and loved and grounded, and this next stage is going to be all about letting her stretch her wings, giving her room to be more independent and start to fly.

Lots of happy memories from the girls last few days at school and the start of the summer holidays 🙂

Day 131: Ella got her Leavers hoodie today and even though it’s 28 degrees she hasn’t taken it off because she loves it so much!

Day 132: We went to see High School Musical (one of the girls’ favourite films) at our local theatre as a bit of an end of term treat. All the actors were aged from 8 to 18 and it was a fab production.

Day 133: My Mum came to visit for the day and we went out in the sunshine for gelato. It was so lovely to see her 🙂

Day 134: We attended a special Awards Ceremony for Year 6 this evening and Ella got given the English Award. Proud doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Day 135: Luna found a cool spot near the window and it’s now her favourite place for a morning snooze.

Day 136: Ella had her Leavers’ Bash this evening. I love this photo of her with her Dad, who walked her there. Little moments like this are the ones I want to remember.

Day 137: Catching this one in a quiet moment in pretty light

Day 138: The last day of term and no more school for six whole weeks! Ella’s last ever day at primary school so she got her shirt signed by all her friends and teachers.

Day 139: Arriving in Italy (after a ridiculously early morning start) to spend a week staying at Lake Maggiore!

Day 140: The sunsets from our villa overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy really are quite spectacular

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