Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 171-180

This edition of Project Happy is all about the final stretch of the six week holidays, the last of the summer sunshine and doing our best to squeeze in as many simple, memory-making opportunities as possible before school starts back up again next week.  Reflecting on our time together, making plans for the coming season and feeling incredibly grateful for all that we have.

It’s been challenging at times (when if life with kids NOT challenging in some way?!) but the good times have far outweighed the tricky ones and I think we can say its been a good summer.

Day 171: Ella wanted to do some baking without any help from me. Her chocolate cupcakes turned out really well!

Day 172: She finds flowers for me wherever she goes. The sweetest gift from the girl with the biggest heart.

Day 173: Reading ‘The Creakers’ with Lola. Laugh out loud funny!

Day 174: Watching these two play in the end-of-summer sunshine in the garden

Day 175: Totally opposite weather today – torrential rain and freezing cold. So we retreated for some indoor fun: bowling, the arcade AND the cinema all in one day!

Day 176: Finally managed to capture a photo of Luna’s fluffy feet!

Day 177: My gorgeous cousin and her fantastic kiddos (the girls’ second cousins) came to visit for the afternoon. It was so good to catch up with them and an absolute delight watching the children all play together.

Day 178: An afternoon walking through the woods in the sunshine at Birches Valley

Day 179: Ella got her new glasses – I think she looks ace!  And most importantly she really likes them too 🙂

Day 180: An afternoon at the park, glorious late summer sunshine and happy kids

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