Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 161-170

Weeks four and five of the summer holidays brought mixed weather, mixed moods and mixed success with outings – we had some brilliant fun and some awful arguments, some glorious sunshine and some torrential rain.  But, as I am constantly being reminded, the happy moments are there if you look for them, even if they’re only fleeting or if you have to look a little bit longer and harder some days.

These are the ones I found throughout the middle part of August…

Day 161: Lola drew this picture of a cat and I think it’s pretty ace for a 9 year old!

Day 162: “I like being barefoot in the mud Mummy because it’s all squishy between my toes”. An afternoon in nature at the Stepping Stones was exactly what I/we needed.

Day 163: Treated myself to some happy, smiley sunflowers

Day 164: Early morning baking… banana cake and banana & blueberry muffins

Day 165: Relentless rain calls for an afternoon of snuggling on the sofa to watch a movie. Introduced them to ‘Night at the Museum’. Cue lots of giggling!

Day 166: Sunrise. My favourite way to start the day.

Day 167: Spent the day with my Mum and Stepdad in the place where my grandparents lived before they passed away. It was lovely and happy and sad (all at once!) to be there – so many happy childhood memories from this place. We also handed Ella over to them to stay for five whole days – it was so strange driving home without her in the car with us.

Day 168: Daft cat.

Day 169: A spectacular sunrise to mark our 15 years ‘together’ anniversary. Fifteen years!

Day 170: Explored a new trail and found an ace new playground too as an extra bonus

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