Project Happy {Year 6}: Days 331-340

February is my least favourite month of the year but it seems to be flying by at the moment so I’m good with that.  Pretty skies, simple pleasures and cat-related giggles in this installment of ‘things that make my heart happy’.

I’m almost at the end of my sixth consecutive year of this project and something is telling me that it’s coming to a close.  I can’t really explain how I know.  It’s a feeling.  An instinct I guess.  I just know that it’s time.

I’ll be continuing to take daily photos, I just won’t be sharing them here every ten days like I have been since 2014.   I’ve been doing it for long enough now that I don’t feel I need the accountability any more.  I’ve learnt the lesson over and over again that no matter how hard things get or how dark things seem to be, there is always a little bit of joy somewhere if you look closely enough for it.  And I think that’s all I wanted to be reminded of.

As a result, there will only be a couple more Project Happy posts from me after this one and that feels right.  The closing of one door and the opening of a new one because life is full of twists and turns, different pathways becoming visible and new opportunities arising.

Day 331: Midweek sunrise

Day 332: Lola reading out loud to Felix at bedtime

Day 333: Managed to sneak a quick visit to our favourite bookshop. Spent 20 minutes in the travel section dreaming up adventures.

Day 334: Managed to get everyone out of the house for a quick walk. Leaving the house at weekends is becoming increasingly difficult for various reasons so this felt like a major achievement.

Day 335: Watching Lola have her very first riding lesson

Day 336: Sunrises on a Monday are my favourite way to start the week

Day 337: A stunning sunset

Day 338: It makes me giggle when she sits in the most awkward place she can possibly find

Day 339: A beautiful sunrise and an easy morning before school

Day 340: Bought some happy daffodils because today is the 5 year anniversary of my Dad’s death. It was also Lola’s school disco this evening and seeing her excitement about the simple things always fills me with joy

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