Top Ten Things To Do At Cameron Lodges (Loch Lomond in Scotland)

Back in June 2021, after spending the first part of Whitsun half term in Edinburgh, we were invited to spend a few days at Cameron Lodges on the shores of Loch Lomond in western Scotland.  We were really impressed with our whole experience there: everything from the 5* luxury accommodation; to the superb resort facilities; to the huge range of interesting activities available on-site.  We squeezed in a lot of fun during our stay so I thought I’d share a list of our top ten things to do at Cameron Lodges.

You could easily spend your whole holiday at the resort without ever having to venture off-site.  There are plenty of things to do at Cameron Lodges to stay occupied in between a relaxing breakfast at your luxury lodge and sinking into the ridiculously comfortable king-size beds at night time.


Top Ten Things To Do At Cameron Lodges

The wonderful thing about Cameron Lodges is that you can be as busy or as laid back as you like –  you can set your own schedule and do your own thing.  It’s what I love best about self catering family holidays.  We went for a mixed pace, with some days being filled with activities and others where we didn’t do very much at all.  It was absolutely ideal for a family break.

Cameron Lodges resort is divided over two different sites, three miles apart.  We were staying at the Cameron Club Lodges site, which is slightly further around the shores of Loch Lomond from the Cameron House Hotel site which is the first one you come to when approaching from the south.  Different activities and experiences are based at different sites and it’s easy to move between the two sites for whatever you happen to be doing in a day.  If you have a car then you can make the short drive from one to the other – there is ample free car parking at both locations.  There is also a free-of-charge shuttle bus service for guests to use.  It needs to be booked in advance to guarantee arrival on time for any planned activities and this is really simple to do – the reservations team are incredibly helpful.

I could have listed so many more than ten things to do at Cameron Lodges – the possibilities are seemingly endless.  As we only had three days to squeeze in as many experiences as we could (whilst still taking into account everybody’s individual needs and wants from our holiday), we didn’t quite manage to experience everything so I guess that means we’re just going to have to go back and visit again one day!

Here are our top ten things to do at Cameron Lodges…


1/ Explore the grounds

The grounds of the Cameron Club Lodges resort are a haven of peace and tranquillity (apart from the occasional yell of “Fore!” from the golf course).  Some parts are perfectly manicured, with thoughtfully tended lawns and beds of colourful flowers, whilst other parts are deliberately left wild and untouched by all but nature.

There is beauty around every single corner and as with most things in life, wandering off the main pathway often reveals hidden joys and unexpected views.  Being situated at the heart of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is a definite bonus with spectacular scenery right on your doorstep ready to explore.

Stumbling across scenes like this made every wander worthwhile – look at that view!

Step off the main pathways and you’ll discover all sorts of delights

I can’t explain why, I just really loved this gate, propped up and open, inviting us in to explore

The manicured gardens and flower beds provided plenty of pathways to wander down

The long driveway that stretched from the main entrance down to the lodges meandered past lush greens of every shade.


2/  Hire bikes…

…Or try out one of the other ‘on land’ experiences from Cameron Lodges’ brand new range of Unrivalled Adventures, which launched in summer 2021.  In addition to half-day or all-day bike hire you can choose from pony trekking, falconry, 4×4 off-road adventures, clay pigeon shooting and segway safaris.  If we hopefully return to Cameron Lodges one day, the pony trekking and segway safaris are top of my list to try out for sure.

I hadn’t ridden a bike for about 25 years and the girls were desperate for us to go on a family bike ride, which is why, in the end, we opted to hire bikes for the afternoon.  It turns out it’s true what they say – you really don’t forget how to ride a bike (although I fell off twice and nearly ended up in the river because I was trying to film and take photos at the same time as riding!).  Thankfully only my pride (and a knee) got bruised.

The whole process of hiring bikes was very easy from start to finish.  We emailed the team to book our reservation and then met Ben, the Activities Manager, at the Marina Office on the Cameron House site (the other one from where we were actually staying).  Ben made sure we had the right size bikes for us to be able to ride comfortably and kitted us out with helmets.  He even gave us several suggestions for routes we could explore – we decided to head through Loch Lomond Shores, into Balloch and ride down the River Leven.

It was such a pretty, scenic ride and if we’d have carried on we could actually have made it all the way to Glasgow!  As it was we stopped after about an hour of pedalling and turned round, refuelling with some ‘Scottish tablet’ ice cream (a new-to-us flavour that was utterly delicious) on the way.  It ended up being a favourite part of our stay and one of my top things to do at Cameron Lodges.

The cycle path was smooth and easy to ride with lots of pretty views along the way

The route down the River Leven was full of cool things to see

‘Scottish Tablet’ ice cream – it was delicious!


3/  Go for a meal

If you’re a foodie and want to give your taste-buds a treat, one of the best things to do at Cameron Lodges is to go for a meal at one of their many restaurants.

At the Cameron Club site (where we were staying) there is The Clubhouse Restaurant and, for lighter bites, the Cafe Spa.

At the Cameron House site, within the Cameron House Hotel (which re-opened in September 2021 following a grand refurbishment), there is brand new fine-dining restaurant Tamburrini & Wishart; Cameron Grill; Great Scots Bar; and The Tavern which is situated in the newly renovated and redesigned Leisure Club.  There is also the option of afternoon tea at The Lobby Bar.  A separate restaurant, The Boat House, is located next to the Marina.

We opted to try out The Boat House Restaurant, partly because we wanted to explore more of the other site from where we were staying and partly because we felt the setting and the menu were a good fit for our girls who can be quite particular with food.  We loved the laid-back, nautical theme; it was super clean; the waiting staff were incredibly attentive; the location was beautiful and food was delicious.

The husband had steak, two of the girls had fish and chips, one had pizza and I had mushroom pappardelle.  It was all fresh and tasty and the portion sizes were a good size for the mid-range pricing.  We liked the open gantry kitchen too – our youngest was very impressed that you can see your food being prepared and that the head chef in the kitchen was wearing a real chef’s hat.

After we’d finished eating, we wandered outside.  The Boat House Restaurant’s location is right on the waterfront of the loch so there are some stunning views to admire.  We spent ages there, listening to the gentle waves lapping the shore as we played a game of giant chess whilst the sun slowly sank below the line of trees, casting a magical golden glow of light across the water.  It was idyllic.

The Boat House Restaurant at the Cameron House site

The Boat House has an open gantry kitchen

8oz fillet steak and fries

Mushroom and rosemary pappardelle

Fish and chips, and margherita pizza

Playing giant chess outside the restaurant as the sun went down


4/  Get lost in the Fairy Woods

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

No, not a teddy bear’s picnic – an enchanting little fairy wood full of hand painted toadstool houses, a magic circle, a gingerbread house, a troll bridge and more.  It’s such a sweet little addition to the Cameron Club Lodges grounds and we were thrilled to stumble across it unexpectedly during one of our wanderings.

You can clearly see how much love and attention has gone into creating each and every tiny detail.  Younger children will love exploring the pathways and hoping for a glimpse of a fairy or two.  Definitely something to include on your list of things to do at Cameron Lodges to add a little bit of magic to your stay.

The Fairy Woods at Cameron Club Lodges

The hand-painted signs were the perfect finishing touch

The Gingerbread House


5/  Find hidden beaches

I think you could choose to explore pretty much any path at Cameron Lodges resort and it would eventually lead you down to the shores of Loch Lomond.  Once you’re by the water’s edge, you can meander freely one way or the other and you’ll find an almost infinite number of hidden beaches and secluded coves.  Some are tiny & secret and require you to scramble over rocks and fallen tree trunks to discover them, whilst others are easier to arrive at because they’re bigger and more frequented.

We didn’t see another soul on our daily loch explorations and the girls skipped stones and threw rocks to their hearts content.  It felt like no-one existed except us.

There is something so peaceful and rejuvenating about being near the water, just standing with it quietly lapping at your feet as you take in the views of the Trossachs in front of you.  It definitely helps to put everything in perspective and reminds you of what’s really most important in the world.

Look at that view across the Loch!

Throwing rocks and having competitions to see who could throw the furthest

Skipping stones across the Loch from a teeny beach we found near the Jetty


6/  Unwind at Cameron Spa

Cameron Spa is situated on the Cameron Club site of Cameron Lodges resort.  If you’re wanting to relax and recharge during your stay then look no further – Cameron Spa is the ultimate place for unrivalled revival.

There are hydro experiences: a tranquillity pool; a hydrotherapy pool; multi-sensory experience showers; and an ice fountain.  There is also an infinity pool on the roof of the spa.  These are complemented with numerous thermal experiences: a sauna; steam room; aromatherapy room; heated stone seating; and a hammam room.

An extensive range of pampering spa treatments is also available for men and women including facials, massages and reflexology, plus beauty treatments such as manicures & pedicures as well as hairdressing services.

Sadly we weren’t able to take advantage of any of the facilities during our stay as, due to Covid regulations, everything still has to be booked in advance and I wasn’t organised enough to manage to book anything in time.  The girls were gutted – we had a peek through the window of the relaxation pool from the reception area and it looked lovely!  Another item to go on our list of ‘things to do at Cameron Lodges’ on our next visit!

Complimentary access to the Spa is included for anyone staying in a Cameron Cub property and there is a generously discounted access rate for anyone staying at Cameron House.

Cameron Spa and rooftop infinity pool


7/ Venture out onto the Loch

As well as the extensive list of ‘on land’ experiences mentioned earlier, there are a whole host of things to do at Cameron Lodges out on the water of the Loch itself.  Water-based Unrivalled Adventures include stand-up paddle boarding; kayaking; a leisurely cruise (complete with complimentary champagne) and adrenaline-fuelled speed boat trips for those with a high threshold for more energetic activities.

Whatever you choose to do out on the water it will give you the chance to experience Loch Lomond from a totally different perspective, exploring some of the islands of the Loch and seeing hidden coves not visible from the shore.

Sadly we didn’t have time to squeeze in an adventure on the water during our stay, though we did spot the Celtic Warrior out for a cruise one day.  I would have loved to have tried out the stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking – I think they would each give such a unique viewpoint of the Loch as well as a sense of peace and tranquillity.  Those two activities are going to be top of our list of things to do at Cameron Lodges next time we visit.

There are a whole host of activities to choose from to do on the waters of Loch Lomond


8/  Play a round of golf

The 18-hole Carrick Golf Course, found at the Cameron Club Lodges site, has hosted several well-known golf competitions over the years.  It has tee options for every level of golfer so no matter what your ability is, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular backdrop of The Highlands as you play your way around the championship course.

The ‘Wee Demon’ Golf Course, at the Cameron House site, is only nine holes long but those nine holes are ideally positioned to test and challenge everyone from the beginner to the most experienced player.

My husband and I are not golfers (we, as a family, are much more suited to a highly competitive game of crazy golf!), so we didn’t try out The Carrick during our stay.  However, there are many golfers on my side of the family and I know that they would have loved these two courses for the challenges they present (including bunkers and water) as well as the spectacular scenery they offer on the way around.  I mostly just loved that the flags on each of the greens were the Scottish flag!

I liked this little “Welcome To The Highlands” sign on The Carrick golf course

If you look closely you can see that the flags on the greens are the Scottish flag! Such a lovely detail to have thought of.


9/ Spend time at The Leisure Club

The Leisure Club is a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness centre on the Cameron House site.  It re-opened in September 2021 following a multi-million pound refurbishment and is home to fitness classes, personal training sessions, a gym with all the latest technology, a sauna and steam room plus two new swimming pools, including a family pool with waterslides.

As it was closed whilst we were staying at Cameron Club Lodges back in June 2021, we sadly weren’t able to see it or use the facilities ourselves but we were pretty much sold with the word ‘waterslides’ – the girls would have loved to spend time there and have been begging for us to go back to Scotland for another visit as soon as possible.

Complimentary access to the Leisure Club is included for all guests at Cameron Lodges resort, whether you’re staying in a Cameron House or a Cameron Club property, which is such an incredible offer to be able to take advantage of.


10/ Watch the sunset

Watching sunrises and sunsets is one of my most favourite things to do in the world, no matter where I happen to be.  I get up early and stay up late so always do my best to catch one or the other (both if I can!).  Cityscape, ocean or mountains, there is something magical and other-worldly about seeing the world awaken and settle down for the night.

As Loch Lomond is situated on the western side of Scotland, it’s in a prime position for watching the sunset.  There are a number of spots at that are perfectly situated to witness the sun light up the sky in a gorgeous array of colours as it slowly sinks below the horizon.

The Marina at the Cameron House site is a perfect example.  Nestled right next to The Boathouse restaurant, rows upon rows of boats of all shapes and sizes quietly bob in the calm waters of the loch.  What better place to spend the evening after a delicious dinner than watching the evening light gently kiss the top of the Trossachs across the loch before setting the water aglow?

The curated open space of The Carrick golf course is ideally complemented with a backdrop of a totally natural landscape of epic proportions.  As a result, an evening stroll around the grounds of Cameron Lodges is quite likely to offer up a spectacular sunset display of rolling clouds and dramatic colours.

Finally, if you’d rather stay in the luxurious comfort of your lodge than venture outside of an evening, views of the sun disappearing below the treeline from your lodge will absolutely satisfy any sunset fanatic.

The very beginnings of a sunset over The Marina – even my daughter wanted to capture a photo of it!

A moody sunset over The Carrick golf course

Sunset from a Cameron Club lodge


As you can see, there really are plenty of things to do at Cameron Lodges resort in Loch Lomond in Scotland.

We had an absolutely brilliant time during our stay and would like to say a big thank you to the Cameron Lodges team for hosting us – we are very grateful to have been offered this opportunity.  Our accommodation, evening meal at The Boat House and bike hire was complimentary for the purpose of a review of our stay, which you can read by following the link in the list below.  As always, my thoughts, feelings and opinions are completely honest.

As a family we do like to go off-site from where we’re staying in order to explore a little bit further afield as well, so there will be an upcoming post with suggestions for other things to see and do in the surrounding area.  In the meantime, you can read more about our adventures in Scotland in these posts:

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