A Quiet Easter

Where the vast majority of the country enjoys four days off from work and school over Easter weekend, the husband gets no such luck.  Working as he does in the hospitality industry, he’s always on duty making sure that everyone else enjoys their bank holiday weekend.  While we were sad not to be seeing as much of him as we wanted to, I’d made lots of plans for fun things for the girls and I to get up to together, like doing the Easter Egg Hunt at Trentham Gardens and maybe paying a visit to Charlie’s Chocolate Easter at Tatton Garden.

And then, a week before the end of term, I got ill.  I’d already documented a day with Mimi at home as she succumbed to high temperatures, an incredibly sore throat and zero energy.  Seeing as I’m very rarely ill I assumed that I’d be fine.  But then two days later I started feeling really under-the-weather, and the day after that I realised that I needed to listen to my body.  I cancelled clients and barely moved off the sofa for the next five days – I couldn’t eat very much, kept falling asleep and felt like I as swallowing barbed wire.  Both Ella and Lola were off school for a couple of days each with it as well – it’s really knocked us, though the girls have bounced back more quickly than I have.  I think it was the Spring Flu that is apparently spreading in an epidemic across the country.  The husband escaped – he had the flu jab at the start of the winter season.

Anyway, thankfully we’re all on the mend now and I’m feeling about 75% back to normal energy-wise.  But that wasn’t quite enough for me to feel up to navigating full days out with the girls.  So I revised our plans and decided upon a more low-key and quiet Easter weekend.  And do you know what?  It was exactly what we needed.

Here’s what we got up to:


The only properly sunny day of the whole weekend, so after spending the morning running a few overdue errands and having a mammoth sort-out of the vast numbers of games and jigsaws we’ve accumulated over the years, we decided to make the most of the sunshine by heading to Wildwood Park in the afternoon.  We love it there – it’s got an enormous field that’s great for playing football on and rolling down grassy hills, there’s a great zip-wire and tons of really colourful play equipment.  We magically managed to coincide our arrival with the ice-cream van pulling up in the car park, the tell-tale tinkly music drawing children in crowds.  So we had our first ice-cream of the year as well while we were there (well, ice-cream is good medicine for sore throats..!).





We all had some long overdue haircuts this morning – it felt soooo good to be pampered a little bit after feeling so awful for the last ten days.  Lola’s curls desperately needed taming, Mimi wanted her fringe put back in, and Ella’s needed a tidy up as she’s growing it and it had got a bit straggly at the ends.

We then spent the afternoon making chocolate Easter nests.  Again, I’d had grand plans to make cinnamon buns and hot cross cookies as well as trying out the breadmaker I was given for Mother’s Day, but all of that just seemed too much to get my still-foggy head around, so I kept it simple and we had a great time.

(I also had a rather busy evening – as well as being the Easter Bunny and setting out the Easter Egg Hunt ready for tomorrow morning, I also had to play the role of the Tooth Fairy, as Lola lost her third tooth in the space of a week!)








Last year I gave the girls their first ever Easter Egg Hunt, and they enjoyed it so much that I knew I’d have to do it again this year.  The weather looked questionable at best, so I decided to keep it indoors rather than venturing out into the garden (and, to be fair, there’s not exactly many places to hide anything in our garden!).  It’s always a challenge finding new places to hide eggs and Ella has a freakishly good memory so I knew she’d remember the clues and the hiding places from last year!  In the end I used a few of these ideas from the NetMums website which worked brilliantly.  It was over in about five minutes flat, but it didn’t matter – they loved it 🙂






A very quiet day with traditional Spring-like weather of sunshine and showers.  We managed to get out on scooters and skateboards for a quick walk round the block for some fresh air after the husband got home from work, and that was pretty much it.


I hope that all of you had lovely Easter weekends, whether they were busy or quiet, filled with chocolate and family or still having to work (thank you to all of you in the service industry – retail, emergency services, hospitality etc… – who do toil away when the rest of us are off.  I’m always very grateful to you all).

We’ve got another week and a half of the Easter holidays to enjoy, so I’m doing my best to get back to full health and wellness so we can go out and have some more fun adventures together.

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