Life in 52: {Weeks 11 & 12}

At the start of January I began a new year-long photography project: Life In 52. The idea is simple – to take one photo a week for each week of the year. It’s a lifestyle photography project, documenting little snippets of my life that I want to remember.

The project is being hosted by Sarah Cornish from My Four Hens Photography, who I had the privilege of learning from directly on my solo trip to Colorado at the photography retreat she ran last year. When she announced this project I decided to use it to put into practice what I’d learned.

There is a Facebook group dedicated to the project, where participants can post their images each week to share their work, hold themselves accountable and also in the hope of being featured on the blog on the Life In 52 website. Go have a look at it – the collection of submissions (and the stories behind them) are breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring each and every week.

I’ve had two of my images featured so far – one in Week 6 of the project and one in Week 9. I’m so proud that they’ve been chosen. I’m looking forward to putting together my final collection of images at the end of the year – all fifty-two images that will sum up the story of 2018 as it was for us.

Here are my submissions for Weeks Eleven and Twelve:


“One of my favourite parts of the day.  I love listening to them read.  Books are real-life magic and if there is one thing I can give my girls it’s the wonder of reading and a love of getting lost in a story and emerging, blinking in the sunlight, minutes, hours or even days later, their very souls changed because of what they’ve experienced in the pages”



“Every year, sometime in either February or March, the girls ask to look through their memory boxes.  They are filled with things from babyhood (and beyond) that I cannot bear to part with.  Their baby books with details of times and weights and possible names and visitors and milestones and thoughts and feelings.  The outfits we brought them home from hospital in.  First snugglies, first shoes, first birthday cards, first scan pictures.  Everything that I want to remember.  It takes us hours and I love watching the wonder on their faces as they ask me questions, eager to know more of their story.  This particular memory box visit was prompted by my best friend giving birth to a baby girl – I can’t wait to meet her!”


You can follow along with all the other submissions from the Life In 52 project on Instagram by following the hashtags #lifein52 and #m4hlifein52. And you can see the featured posts from the group each week on the Life In 52 blog (updated every Monday I believe).

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