Project Happy: Days 1041-1050

I’ve been a bit quiet over here recently.  Various reasons really – I’ve had a ton of work to catch up on and implement for my day job that has meant late nights and even-earlier-than-usual mornings and I’ve been trying to organise lots of complicated (but super-fun) things for later on in the year.  I’ve got a head full of blog posts but simply haven’t been able to create the time or energy to actually write them.  I’m also slightly stunned that we are over halfway through January already – does anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, I’ve still been able to find a moment to capture the little things that have made me happy over the last ten days, despite us not really ‘doing’ much as the weather has been so vile.  Lesson learned – sometimes ‘being’ is just as good as (if not better than) ‘doing’.

Here are my moments of joy:

Day 1041: We had new flooring laid in our hallway, kitchen and downstairs toilet at the weekend so the house has been in absolute chaos with stuff everywhere, which I find incredibly stressful. Today I managed to start getting it all sorted out and put back in it’s proper place (as well as decluttering a few things as well). Normality restored.


Day 1042: I finally invested in Photoshop and Lightroom today, which I have been scared of for the longest time. I had a little play around with it and edited my first photo. This was the result! I have so much to learn and it’s a little overwhelming, but I know it’s the next step.


Day 1043: A lovely sunny afternoon in London and blossom on the trees! Come on Spring!


Day 1044: Spring flowers in cheerful colours. Enough said.


Day 1045: In complete contrast to a couple of days ago, today it snowed! The girls were thrilled to be able to have a snowball fight on the way to school.


Day 1046: Wet weekend weather calls for epic hot chocolates.


Day 1047: Ella’s homework was to do something to help around the house that she’d never done before, so she chose to make Daddy breakfast! One bacon and egg sandwich being delivered by the (very proud) chef 🙂


Day 1048: This one rocking the awesome glasses she got in a party bag at the weekend. There is no way I would look this cool wearing pink star glasses.


Day 1049: Relieved that this boy is ok after being in (yet another) fight yesterday. His ear is ripped and bloody but otherwise he’s intact.


Day 1050: My new routine with work means that I got to see these three monkeys this morning and take them to school before I headed to the train station 🙂


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