Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 1-10

Welcome to the first installment of a brand new year of Project Happy! It still blows my mind a little bit that I’ve been able to commit to it for three whole years so far.  If you’re new to my blog (hi and thank you for reading!), Project Happy started out as a little personal challenge to take a photo of one happy moment every day for one hundred days.  Three years later (over one thousand days!) I’m still going strong and I intend to keep it going indefinitely.

Life is pretty quiet at the moment.  There’s not much variation from the standard school-and-work routine during the week, football (for Mimi) and errands on a Saturday and attempting some family time on a Sunday, some weeks more successfully than others.  We’re all tired and counting down the days to the Easter holidays, craving a change of scenery, a change of pace and more time to spend as a family actually enjoying each other’s company.

Despite letting the daily grind wear us down a little, the happy moments are still there to be found.   Here are my moments of joy from the last ten days:

Day 1: A long overdue visit to my Mum and Stepdad’s house. We very rarely make the two and a half hour journey to see them – they usually come to us instead. It was my Stepdad’s birthday though and we wanted to celebrate with them so I baked a carrot cake (their favourite) and had a lovely day with them.


Day 2: The first grass mow of the year! I love the smell of freshly mown grass – it reminds me of long summer lunchtimes at primary school making daisy chains on the playing fields with my friends


Day 3: I got back from the morning school run to find this row of cups and saucers stretched out along the bannister at the top of the stairs – Lola was making a tea party for her toys 🙂


Day 4: A pretty sunset welcomed me home from London today.


Day 5: The blossom on the trees has suddenly come out in full force


Day 6: Ella won the Spelling Bee at school! She worked so hard for it. #proud


Day 7: Much-needed haircuts for the girls today and when we got home I discovered that these tickets had arrived in the post. Woohoo! 🙂


Day 8: We finally made it out for an afternoon at Trentham Gardens. Sophie had never been before and she really enjoyed it there. If I’m honest it wasn’t the most successful trip we’ve ever had – the girls whinged for most of it and I lost my cool and had to go back to the car on my own before I had a total meltdown – but in between all of that we had some fun 🙂


Day 9: A panicked phone call from school, several hours spent in A&E and lots of relief that there is no break, just a very badly bruised bone. She’s also kind of thrilled with her sling!


Day 10: I’m not great at playing with the girls. I do LOVE colouring in with them though and almost always say “yes” when they ask me. This was Lola and I’s latest masterpiece 🙂



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