Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 161-170

And just like that we’re over two thirds of the way through the summer holidays, with less than two weeks left before the girls go back to school.  I really don’t want them to go back.  I know I keep saying it but I honestly don’t know where the time is going.  2017 seems to be going so very fast and I feel like I’m constantly scrabbling around trying to hold onto as many memories as I can in the hope that it’ll help make time slow down a little bit.  It feels like my hands are full and I’m dropping memories all over the place though.  That’s why I’m so grateful for this project – capturing an image every single day keeps me focused and intentional about the memories I want to create with them, whilst also being open to whatever happens (because I’m learning that it’s often the unplanned, unscripted moments that are the most magical and memorable).

This #projecthappy post is several days later than it *should* be because we’ve been away for a couple of days visiting friends and sometimes it’s ok to keep the laptop closed, not stick to a schedule and simply enjoy being in the moment.  It’s been rather wonderful.

Day 161: I finally picked up my new car today, almost two months after the accident that wrote-off my old one. It feels so good to have some freedom!

Day 162: I did a photoshoot at the lovely Canalside Farm, Shop and Café in Great Haywood today, which challenged me in all sorts of ways and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Day 163: Took the girls up to a part of Cannock Chase they’d not been to before and was happily surprised by all the gorgeous purple heather that was there. A lovely walk 🙂

Day 164: An afternoon trip to Birches Valley. I love this shot of my girls running through the trees.

Day 165: Getting home earlier than planned from working in London and being able to spend time with these three monkeys 🙂

Day 166: A day of shopping for school shoes and an intense Bananagrams tournament

Day 167: This morning we had a photoshoot with a photographer I have admired for a long time. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

Day 168: Another trip to Canalside Farm today…this time for ice cream! I love the expression on Lola’s face.

Day 169: The husband and I’s 13 years ‘together’ anniversary. Full disclosure: we had a hard day with the girls, didn’t do anything special to celebrate whatsoever and this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, but it doesn’t matter. I love this man and as long as we’re together I know everything will be ok.

Day 170: We took a mini road trip to visit my best friend in Southampton and had the best time exploring the New Forest with her 🙂


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