Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 221-240

A double installment of #projecthappy!  I decided not to post one whilst we were away on holiday – it felt like a better choice to wait until we were home and then sum it all up in one go and as I’m writing this now I know it was the right decision.

We had a wonderful time on holiday.  It was incredibly hard work and we had more than our fair share of arguments and meltdowns over the course of the ten days, but the positives vastly outweighed any challenges we encountered (which included fainting, a cockroach, chillblains, food and thunderstorms, to name a few!).  The joyful moments were plenty and it’s been tricky to decide on my favourite from each day as there were so many highlights to choose from.  There will, of course, be lots of dedicated blog posts all about our adventures at Walt Disney World in Florida to follow in the coming weeks.

For now, here are my happy moments from the last three weeks…

Day 221: We’re all excitedly counting down the sleeps until we go to Florida! 🙂

Day 222: I had a rather lovely morning with my littlest one who was off school as she was feeling more than a little bit under the weather – nothing specific, just run down I think. The day ended with this curiously purple sunset, which is something I’ve never seen before.

Day 223: It was the annual Harvest Festival performance at school this afternoon (always my favourite assembly to attend, though I’m not sure why!) and then my gallery from our family photoshoot with Steve Gerrard from way back in August landed in my inbox. I spent hours going through them and I love them all – this one is a particular favourite.

Day 224: The teenager is here, which is always a reason to celebrate. Plus I spent the day packing, packing, packing.

Day 225: An early get-up, a morning at the airport and we caught our flight to Florida! This is a family selfie on my husband’s phone. And yes, we all wore our Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears for the whole journey 🙂

Day 226: After a long day of travelling yesterday, we all wanted a slow day to get our bearings and adjust to the heat and the time difference, and so we spent the morning at the swimming pool of the resort we were staying on. It was as beautiful as it looks!

Day 227: Our first adventure began at the Magic Kingdom!

Day 228: We found the best Adventure Golf course any of us have ever played on. Both the husband and Ella got a hole in one and even the rain only stopped us temporarily.

Day 229: Epcot!

Day 230: We spent the afternoon at a little town called Celebration and I kind of fell in love with it. The houses were incredible! I loved how they were all decorated for Halloween.

Day 231: Back to the Magic Kingdom again today to watch the fireworks display and meet some more characters

Day 232: After a super late night last night we had a much needed lazy day by the pool at our villa

Day 233: Hollywood Studios!

Day 234: Today we visited Animal Kingdom and had dinner at the Rainforest Café, which is somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for years.

Day 235: Our last day in Florida 🙁 We checked out of our villa in the morning and headed to Disney Springs to do a bit of shopping. It’s so pretty there!  All too soon it was time to head to the airport for our overnight flight home.  Watching the sunset from the plane will always be a travel highlight of mine.

Day 236: Home! No-one really slept on the plane so we were all utterly exhausted but it was good to be reunited with The Boy and settle back in to our house.

Day 237: A very lazy day thanks to jetlag, followed by an absolutely stunning sunset

Day 238: Both the husband and the teenager were feeling a bit under the weather so I took the girls out to choose some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch at Canalside Farm. They found some fantastic ones, even if they did argue over who’s turn it was to push the wheelbarrow!

Day 239: We spent the afternoon carving our pumpkins whilst Neil took Sophie home.

Da 240: Back to school after he most epic half term ever. And Ella set off on another adventure – a week long residential trip with her class. It’s the longest she’s ever been away from us and I’m missing her loads. I know it’s a good challenge for her and I know she’ll be having a good time – I hope so anyway! I can’t wait to hear all about it when she’s home 🙂

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