Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 321-330

The end of January is in sight, it’s light until 4.30pm now and Spring is just a month away.  It’s been a busy couple of weekends and that has helped what usually feels like the longest month pass by a little quicker than usual.  I’m not normally one to wish the time away but I have to say I’m done with winter now and can’t wait to see a bit more sunshine and feel a bit more warmth.

Simple joys dominate in this installment of #projecthappy: flowers, sunsets, visits from friends, a burst of pride and photoshoots… all things that make my heart very happy indeed.

Day 321: Bought myself some pretty tulips, just because. I love having fresh flowers at home, especially during spring and summer. I know we’re not quite there yet but it’s on it’s way!

Day 322: My best friend, who is 32 weeks pregnant, and her husband came to stay for the weekend and I managed to sneak them off for a mini-maternity photoshoot in the woods.

Day 323: We had the loveliest day together with Rachel and James today, just playing and laughing and talking.

Day 324: I started reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert today. Just a few chapters in and I can already tell it’s going to be a game-changer.

Day 325: A pretty sunset. I really must put together some kind of grid or mosaic of all the sunset shots I’ve taken out of this window.- it would be fascinating to see the variety

Day 326: An unexpected whole day off with the husband 🙂

Day 327: Another beautiful sunset! The rain sucks but when it clears and produces gifts like this, who am I to complain?

Day 328: Mimi brought home the Class Award for a piece of school work that she did and I am so proud of her. She finds English harder than Maths and she worked incredibly hard on this task, proving to herself that she could do it.

Day 329: The teenager came to visit for the weekend 🙂

Day 330: I shot a maternity/family session for a friend who is 38 weeks pregnant and loved every minute of it. I feel so lucky that people invite me to capture moments like these.

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