Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 71-80

Every conversation I have with people at the moment seems to end up with us exclaiming about how quickly the time is going and how we can’t believe that it’s almost June.  Are you finding that too?  I’m pretty sure it was Easter just a couple of weeks ago and now here we are hurtling towards summer.

Perhaps it’s ‘normal’ as you get older for the time to seem to disappear so much more quickly than when you’re little?  Or maybe it’s just that when you have school-age children your life is divided into six-week-blocks of time interspersed with the blissful freedom of half terms and school holidays?

Who knows?  All I know is that these last ten days have zoomed by in a flash.  I do my best to be present, to be mindful of the moments that I want to remember and I’m so grateful for this project, now in it’s fourth year, for helping me to do that.

Here are my most recent, simple, moments of joy…

Day 71: A long walk in the woods on my own, just me and my camera. And I found a new rope swing to play on!


Day 72: Thoughtful birthday presents arriving in the post from my best friend


Day 73: My beautiful birthday flowers still going strong over a week later


Day 74: Getting home from London in time to snuggle on the sofa and listen to Lola read to me


Day 75: This one finally losing a tooth that’s been wobbly for ages (and her innocently wondering whether she’ll get £5 for it instead of £1 as it was a big molar!)


Day 76: Managing to pull together two costumes at short notice (Ella as Dr.Barnardo for Victorian Day and Lola as a spy to celebrate the end of her Secret Agent Training (SATs tests)


Day 77: A yummy dinner with my other best friend who came to visit for the weekend


Day 78: A lovely walk in the woods with the girls and my friend


Day 79: Ella was poorly with a nasty tummy bug 🙁 My husband came home early from work so that I could go and do the afternoon school run – fifteen minutes of fresh air that I very much needed


Day 80: After a bit of a wobbly moment this morning where she nearly fainted, this one is now feeling much better 🙂


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