Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 111-120

The glorious weather seems to be continuing and I’m keeping everything crossed that it’s going to last until at least October. I’ve had my head down working, the girls have had a jam-packed schedule at school, and we’ve barely seen the husband in between his work shifts and his ‘need’ to watch every match in the World Cup *eye roll*.

I’m definitely winding down for summer (in my head at least) and simply cannot wait for the school bell to go at 3.25pm on the final day of term.  Until then, we’re doing everything we can to keep going towards the finishing line, making the most of the heat and sunshine, embracing the quieter moments we get in between the busy ones and planning our adventures for the six week holidays.

Here are my happy moments from the last ten days:

Day 111: Barely a day has gone by without these three playing out in the garden together. Childhood as it should be!

Day 112: A really lovely long walk with Mum and Lola whilst everyone else watched the football. I think we all know who got the better end of the deal!

Day 113: Loving the clear blue skies and gorgeous sunshine!

Day 114: Eating tea wearing her funky new My Little Pony sunglasses, which she won in a magazine competition. She does make me smile – she’s barely taken them off since they arrived in the post!

Day 115: Mimi was home from school again, feeling really poorly and whilst of course I’m not happy about her feeling ill, I do like getting to spend a whole day with her, even if we are stuck on the sofa

Day 116: Who can resist this post-shower cheeky face?

Day 117: Mimi and Lola brought home some canvases they’d made at school and they were really proud of them. I love how different they both are!

Day 118: The teenager is here for the weekend!

Day 119: Trying something we’ve never done before – wild swimming!

Day 120: Super excited for these tickets to Luna Kids Cinema arriving in the post this morning.

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